Zyxel Armor G5 Review

In the content of the Zyxel Armor G5 review, we take a look at the general features of the product, which stands out with its strong antenna structure as well as the Wi-fi 6 standard.

Zyxel Armor G5 review

Zyxel Armor G5 is a device that produces solutions on the game side with its features as well as the Wi-fi 6 standard. In this video, we will look at the general features of this model and focus on the usage side rather than drowning in technical terms.

But before moving on to the features of the device, let’s briefly talk about the term Router. Because many users may confuse the terms Modem and Router.

What is a router?

We call the devices that we connect to the internet as modems, as is the case with most of us. These modems, which are usually given by service providers, are entry-level products and they can fall short in many aspects. Router, on the other hand, offers wired and wireless solutions when the modem is not sufficient, and also comes into play in more specific uses. We can say that it provides the connection between multiple networks as well as acts as a router. Zyxel Armor G5 The model can also affect your signal strength and has great advantages in issues such as media usage or mini server connection.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review

Zyxel Armor G5 design

When we look at the contents of the box, apart from the product itself and its documents, ethernet cable and of course the power adapter are included. When we look at the design of the device, first of all, its weight draws our attention. As soon as you pick it up, you feel that the product has a very high quality material with its weight. Armor G5 router model, which has a capsule-like design, has 13 antennas. There are no antenna rods on the outside of the product. There is a device at the bottom to hang it on a wall or ceiling. In other words, the design was made accordingly. If these 13 antennas were on the outside, they could look like a tarantula on your table or wall.

At the top of the device with the logo on the front, there is a strip-shaped RGB lighting that extends towards the back. Thanks to this lighting, you can also follow the connection status of the device.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review

I / O units and installation

When we look at the back, you can see the 3.1 Gen 2 USB port with the power jack. This entry provides a great advantage in matters such as media server. For example, I connected the NAS in the office to this port during the test and reduced the file distribution to a much lower time thanks to the Armor G5’s high connection speeds. On the back, there are 10 Gigabit ports and 4 Ethernet ports, along with a 2.5 Gigabit Wan port. Thanks to these features of the device, you can transfer files up to 1250 MB. On the far right is the reset button.

Setting up the router is also very simple. You plug the Ethernet cable from your modem into the WAN port and after you have made the power input, you can establish your connection. You can make all the settings such as Port forwarding, Dynamic DNS, WPA3 security support with the application called Zyxel Armor. I solved this job with direct application. It is both more accessible and comfortable to use. In addition, thanks to the application, you can see who is connected to your network and receive notifications when a new device is connected.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review

Zyxel Armor G5 usage experience

Armor G5 can reach 1,200Mbit in the 2.4Ghz band and 4,800 Mbit in the 5 Ghz band. After the general features, let’s move on to the more important part, the user experience and testing part. I use a classic modem of a different brand in my house. It is one of the modems provided by the service providers. I have to say that I suffered from a Wi-fi problem, as it is a modem without antenna and the shape of my house is longitudinal. In other words, I passed other rooms, even in the same room, I am experiencing 60% connection losses. Since the modem is in the back room, in my study, the internet in the living room at the other corner of the house usually comes at a very low speed and often breaks occur.

Thanks to its 13 antennas in the Armor G5 model, it can reach speeds as high as the cable connection in the same room. As a result of the tests I conducted, I preferred to turn off the Wi-fi feature of the modem at home and to do the Wi-Fi distribution directly over the Armor G5 as well as the file transfer. Likewise, I switched my computer and Playstation 5 console, which I normally connect to a wired computer, to the wireless system because I lost speed. Especially on the PS5 side, I can say that the Router made me feel incredible. Since the console is on my desk, I got rid of the cable mess and I got the maximum speed, so my problem of disconnection in game downloads and online games has also disappeared.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review

I have a connection of 74 MBit for download speed and 7.5 MBit for upload speed at home. On the modem I used, I was able to reach 29 MBit download and 7.4 MBit upload speed over the wireless connection in the same room. In my tests, I was able to reach 72 MBit download and 7.5 Mbit upload speeds with the Armor G5 in the same room over the wireless connection. This proves that, as I mentioned at the beginning, we can get as fast as the wired connection. Likewise, we tested it in the office where we got 100 MBit speed and reached similar results without loss.

When we move to the other rooms, the job changes a little more. Armor G5 model has a usage positioned more close to the modem. However, I have to say that I encountered better results than I expected. As I said, my house has a longitudinal structure and the study room and the living room where the modem is located are located at two separate ends.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review

In the normal modem, my wi-fi connection was not working at all in the living room and I was using a signal booster. I was able to reach 14 MBit download and 2 Mbit upload speeds with Armor G5 in my hall where the connection never reached. If you set the signal enhancer on the Router, I can say that it is possible to reach very high speeds.

After the usage experience, let’s talk about the technical features of the modem. Armor G5, which has the Wi-fi 6 standard, has a 2.2 Ghz processor and 1 GB Ram. This model also supports 1200 Mbit for 2.4 Ghz and 4800 Mbit for 5 Ghz.

Zyxel Armor G5 Review


As a result Zyxel Armor G5 The model offers a lossless use with its Wi-Fi 6 support and features. It may be a little daunting with its price, but we must keep in mind that the device focuses on server solutions such as multiple connections and NAS. Wi-fi solutionmanaged to solve many of my problems at home on the media server and game console side. If you are looking for a good router for Wi-Fi 6 support, server and file transfers other than connectivity solutions for your home or office, I can say that it is one of the models you should check out.

Zyxel Armor G5 Technical Specifications

Connection and general features

  • Wireless Connection Speed: 1.2Gbps, 4.8Gbps
  • Connection type: Wi-fi 6
  • Network Standart: IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/a, IEEE 802.11ax/n/g/b
  • Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
  • Security WPA3-PSK

Input units

  • USB Port: 1x USB 3.0
  • Wan: 2.5G RJ-45
  • Ethernet portu: 10 Gbps RJ-45
  • Ethernet Port: 4 x RJ-45

Hardware features

  • İşlemci: 64 bit quad core 2.2 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB Flash / 1 GB Ram
  • Antenna Type: 13 x Internal Antenna

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