Your character animations will change with this Skyrim mod

Thanks to a Skyrim mode published on NexusMods, your character’s stance and distraction animations will change when in combat or not.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim … It is an outstanding production that has been raining thousands, even hundreds of thousands of mods since its release. The game, which includes remastered versions of past games as a mod, and is constantly held by someone to keep up with the age and somehow managed to maintain its popularity. The Skyrim mode, which we will talk about now, is one of the modes that tries to make the game challenge today’s games. First of all, the mod is compatible with Skyrim Special Edition.

Skyrim Special Edition mod changes character animations in combat or out of combat

Smooth Combat – Non Combat Animation SystemYou can get the mod named “” You can get the mod on NexusMods. Every time you take up your sword or any weapon in Skyrim, even if the character is in the middle of the city, he enters the battle animation and starts to act as if he will cut one of them. You will be able to add a little more realism. Skyrim Special Edition Thanks to this mod developed for you, when you equip your sword or any weapon, if the enemy is not close and the war has not started, your movements will be quite calm and normal. If you have drawn your sword and there is an enemy nearby, then the battle animations will be activated. Although it may seem like a small and unnecessary detail, let us state that today, companies that develop games pay attention to such details.

As you can see in the video above, you add a feature that is not available in the vanilla version of Skyrim to the game. If your character is really at war, he pretends to be. In fact, this is still a problem in all of the old RPG games, although we can say that nowadays, they were amazing things from the time.

Your character animations will change with this Skyrim mod

To download the “Smooth Combat – Non Combat Animation System” mod you can click here. Also if you don’t know how to install it, download guide Do not forget to read.

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