You may want to try The Emperor’s Own for free on Steam.

With The Emperor’s Own: Alpha Teaser, developer Volga Studios offers players the chance to try out some of the game for free on Steam.

The Emperor’s OwnIs a story-driven game supported by RPG elements. Developer Volga Studios offers gamers a slice of this non-linear narrative-driven adventure with RPG elements. You will be able to experience the game that you can download for free on Steam for 3 hours in total.

The Emperor’s Own: Alpha Teaser Steam’de ├╝cretsiz

The game features a story set at the dawn of the nineteenth century in an alternate universe inspired by the Russian Empire. Players take on the role of Imperial Secret Intelligence Officer Cornet Alexander Obolenskii on a mission to investigate rumors of mysterious and supernatural events in border areas.

You may want to try The Emperor's Own for free on Steam.

Volga Studios community manager Roman Naberuskhin says of the three-hour teaser that aired:

“We don’t want to sugarcoat anything in The Emperor’s Own. There won’t be any fantasy elements in our game, just an authentic conflict showcasing the best and worst aspects of humanity. We can’t wait to see players try our alpha demonstration and the deep moral dilemmas that await them when they complete our game.”

The Emperor’s Own has a non-linear storytelling that branches off as a result of the player’s decisions. For this reason, it is necessary to scrutinize the decisions and make careful choices in moral dilemmas. In addition, the game will leave gaps between the way the main story works and the spree of the story, such as friendships, family, and romance, instead of clinging to the player’s throat. I think this is a very important issue in storytelling. For this reason, Volga Studios has taken an important step by doing what they have to do here.

The Emperor’s Own, first released on November 5, 2020 by clicking here You can download it for free on Steam.

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