You can use HD textures with Valheim graphics mode

With the Valheim graphic mode published on NexusMods, you can take the image quality to the highest level by replacing nearly 255 textures with HD ones.

A new mode has been released for Valheim, one of the best-selling survival games of recent times. Posted new Valheim graphics mode With you can replace up to 255 textures in the game with new and HD textures. After doing this, the graphics of the game will differ greatly, but let’s say, it’s very possible that you will experience performance problems. Still, let’s look at the details of this new mode together.

Immerse yourself in landscapes with Valheim graphics mode

The new Valheim graphics mod, published by mod developer “aC0C0NUT”, reworkes around 255 textures. This mod, which replaces existing textures with renewed and HD versions, is perfect for gamers who don’t like the pixelated look of the game! To get into the details, this mod replaces 255 textures with quality ones. Besides, Forstner corrects Mist and all textures are in 2K resolution.

Use HD textures with Valheim graphics mode

As noted by the mod developer, you will notice changes in the following areas:

  • Grasses
  • Trees
  • Shrubs and other small greens
  • Wooden building materials
  • Stone building materials
  • All production / blacksmithing work tables
  • Swords (Iron, silver and black metal)
  • Shields (Wood, silver and black metal
    It is also possible to see the logo of the mod developer on these shields. You can also upload your own textures.
  • Iron Armor
  • Silver Armor
  • Troll skin
  • Boats and other ships
  • All capes
  • Green and black flags

With this graphics mod developed for Valheim, you will notice that almost everything in the above list has changed. If you are tired of the game’s pixel graphics, let’s say it’s a good option for you. To download the mod you can click here.

The latest news for Valheim also includes details of Hearth and Home, the game’s first major update. You can read the details of the related news by clicking here. Let’s not forget that there are a lot of Valheim content we have prepared for you. You can find our related content from the links below. So what do you guys think about this graphics mode? Do not forget to share your views in the comments section just below!

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