Yasuke, the African samurai anime series, is coming to Netflix

The Netflix release date has been announced for Yasuke, the anime series that fictionalizes and fictionalizes a real African samurai.

Announced for Netflix first African samurai subject anime series Yasukewill be released soon. The anime, which currently has some images, has a very interesting theme. Netflix has announced that this new anime series, which really takes and fictionalizes its subject, will air on April 29.

The Netflix anime series Yasuke will air on April 29

In the real world, Yasuke was the first African samurai warrior (Thanks Polygon). Although it sounds interesting, it is exactly that. Even though it takes its plot from a real person, Yasuke will take his story on Netflix to an alternative and fantastic version in federal Japan. The anime will feature Yasuke, who returns to his samurai past to protect a mysterious girl from some kind of evil force.

The most striking aspect of the anime is that the production team consists of stars from all over the world. Created by LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite, The Boondocks), the series is a leading anime studio with Jujutsu Kaisen. MAP animated by. After the release date and preview show, Thomas makes a statement about the state of the show.

“This project has an interesting and accidental nature. Imagine an African-American who traveled from Africa to Japan and went to Japan to make an animation of a man living among the Japanese elite. he thinks I have to create this adventure series with the rest.

Yasuke is a fascinating, enchanting and mysterious figure that has grown in the media today for decades in Japanese history. I’ve been learning about Yasuke’s role in Japanese history for over a decade. Kurusu Yoshio’s children’s book, Kuro-suke, contained pictures that aroused my curiosity. Learning at the end that he was not just a fictional character, but a real person was an exciting material for an adventure story.

I am so excited that both longtime fans and newcomers alike will enjoy our redesigned take on this historical figure. “

Yasuke, the African samurai anime series, is coming to Netflix

The project features LaKeith Stanfield as the voices of Takeshi Koike and Yasuke as directors. The music of the series will be musician and producer Flying Lotus. Yasuke will air on Netflix on April 29th. We hope it does as well as the Afro Samurai. So what do you guys think about this new anime and the first African samurai Yasuke? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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