Xbox Hideo talks to Kojima for its new game

According to the allegations, Xbox is meeting with Hideo Kojima for the publishing of the studio’s new game. Phil Spencer has given his secret message again.

New rumors have started to take place on the internet about Abandoned, the open world survival horror game announced for PlayStation 5. With Xbox Hideo Kojima, according to VentureBeat Kojima Productionshas begun negotiations for the new game of. The allegations emphasize that the game will be broadcast by Xbox. Xbox president Phil Spencer may have delivered a secret message, as he did before.

In conversation with Xbox Hideo Kojima (Rumor)

It is said that Microsoft is in talks with the Japanese designer Hideo Kojima, who has made a name for himself with the Metal Gear Solid series, about the studio’s new game. This information VentureBeatIt comes as a result of the detections of. While it’s unclear whether Microsoft has yet signed a deal for the new Kojima Productions game, according to the site’s source, they highlight that a Kojima Productions figure spotted on the shelf of Xbox boss Phil Spencer during a presentation in February points to a potential partnership.

As you know, Spencer had previously placed an Xbox Series S on one of the shelves in the back during a broadcast. At the time of doing so, the design of the console or itself was not yet fully approved. Based on this, the Kojima Productions figure also of a forward-looking agreement It can be said that he gave his message.

Rumor: Xbox is in talks with Hideo Kojima for new game

VentureBeat’s report was released yesterday in response to the announcement of a new PS5 game called Abandoned. Set to be released in the last quarter of this year, Abandoned is being developed by Netherlands-based developer Blue Box Game Studios. You can reach the details of the game, which is defined as “a cinematic, first-person horror genre survival shooter game set in a highly detailed open world environment” by reading the related news from the link below.

The studio’s uncertainty has sparked speculation that the game was actually developed secretly by Kojima Productions. The studio confirmed it was staffing for a new game project in October 2020. The Death Stranding developer said he was looking for “best-in-class talent” to fill about 25 vacancies at the Tokyo studio. As we reported in the past weeks, art director Yoji Shinkawa said that Kojima Productions will announce the new game soon. Xbox Hideo may be in talks with Kojima for publishing, but the announcement of Abandoned as a PS5 exclusive game reveals that this game is not the game mentioned in the deal. Nevertheless, it is useful to approach, knowing that all these are rumors and are not confirmed by official statements. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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