X Series has passed sales of the Xbox Playstation 5 in Turkey

Microsoft has brought its new generation console to the leadership with its recent breakthroughs. He started a fight between the two companies.

Turkish players could not remain unresponsive to the situation after Microsoft’s recent purchases and free games offered on the XBox Live service. It was also reflected in the sales volume of the consoles.

Xbox Series X Sales Figures Fight

Based on the information we obtain from Sony, the Xbox Series X, through the sales of 1,000,000 units in Turkey, it has reached the largest number of sales in the history of Turkey. The company officials, who could not hide their surprise in this situation, made a statement saying, “It was an unexpected development. We are making such a price reduction. We bring many games together with those who own our console, but we did not expect this from Turkish players”.

On the other hand, a different reaction came from the Microsoft front. They made a statement saying, “We have not rolled over for years to reach this number. But how we reached such great numbers, we do not even know. Even the number of consoles we brought cannot come close to this number. Probably, Sony may have brought it and sold it.”

Following these mutual statements, the executives of the two companies wanted to share their trump card on Street Fighter V. However, when they realized that the game was not released on both consoles yet, they postponed it to the next date to share their trump card in the old generation.

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