World’s most expensive game: Sold for $ 660,000

Super Mario Bros., which was forgotten in the desk drawer and found years later. The boxed version sold for $ 660,000, making it the world’s most expensive game.

As is known, retro games can find buyers at high prices in auctions. But this game broke a record and became the most expensive game in the world.

Super Mario Bros., released by Nintendo in 1985. Popularly known as Super Mario, thanks to the popularity it creates. Produced for NES in the first years of its release (1986) Super Mario Bros.An unopened copy of $ 25, which was later forgotten in the desk drawer by its buyer, found buyers for $ 660,000. At the same time at the auction held in Dallas, the video game Said it was sold on Friday.

According to Heritage Auctions’ report; Super Mario Bros., which costs $ 25 manufactured for the NES. It found buyers for $ 660,000 and earned the title of the world’s most expensive game. The biggest reason why it is so expensive is that it was produced in 1986; The 35-year-old box is sealed, meaning it has never been opened and is kept very clean. These factors caused its price to be quite high.

Valarie McLeckie, Heritage’s Video Game expert, said: “Because this copy and the like takes so short to produce, finding another replica in a similar situation with the same production run is like looking for a drop of water in an ocean.

World's most expensive game: Sold for $ 660,000

The most expensive game and story in the world

Super Mario Bros. It is about the rescue of Princess Peach, the princess of the country in the fictional world of the game

Game; It was developed by the famous Japanese game developer Shigeru Miyamato, who is also the developer of series such as Miyamato, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. Super Mario Bros, the first true right-handed platform game. It set an example for many computer and video games that came after it, and also managed to become the world’s best-selling game series.

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World's most expensive game: Sold for $ 660,000

This $ 660,000 sale is not the first Mario game to be sold at a record price. In 2019, another intact copy of Super Mario Bros. was sold for $ 100,150. Another Super Mario Bros. that didn’t open last November. 3, on the other hand, broke a record, selling for $ 156,000. Thus, with this sale of $ 660,000, the previous record was eliminated.

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Super Mario Bros, the most expensive game in the world. In addition to the game, other games that are part of the auction and sold are as follows:

  • Mega Man (NES) – 144,000 dolar
  • Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! (NES) – 102,000 dolar
  • Pokemon Crystal (Gameboy Color) – 90,000 dolar
  • Pokemon Emerald (Gameboy Advance) – 55,200 dolar
  • John Madden Football Championship (Sega Genesis) – 50,400 dolar
  • Tetris (NES) – $ 36,000

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