Will the E3 2021 digital event be paid?

ESA responded very clearly to the rumors that participation in some parts for E3 2021 will be paid. You can find the details in our news.

The published reports stated that the participation for the E3 2021 event, which will be held this year, will be paid. ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has denied allegations that a fee may be charged for access to some of the events this year. He explained that the events will be “free for all participants”.

E3 2021 “will be free for all”

ESA announced in February that this year’s E3 will be fully digital due to the COVID-19 outbreak that affected the world. The online event will stick with multiple sessions, starting with an opening night and then continuing with a preview night. The event is reported to last for a few days. At the same time, press interviews will be held, along with events to be held by major broadcasters at traditional E3 events.

By VGC He reported that in the published report, multiple sources said that ESA charged a fee for access to parts of the event. The site said that a “big game company” to which it spoke was critical of the idea and that no final decision has yet been made. Shortly after the report was published, ESA clarified the issue and announced on Twitter that the event will be free for everyone.

“We can confirm that E3 2021 will be 100 percent free for attendees, and anyone who wants to watch E3 2021 will not be behind paywalls,” an ESA representative said in a follow-up statement. For players who want to watch the event, it might be good news not to be behind paywalls. However, the timing of ESA’s tweet and the claim that the paid access story was not “real news” did not fit well with VGC writer Andy Robinson, who emphasized the validity of the sources.

Will the E3 2021 digital event be paid?

Whether or not an access fee was considered by ESA before today, things seem clear now. Assuming that this statement will be adhered to, we can say that no payment will be received in any part of the E3 2021 event. It was announced that the event will be held between 15-17 June, but the situation in the world includes the possibility that the dates can be stretched. One thing is for sure, that one of the biggest gaming events, E3, will be on our screens in June or later. As you know, last year was canceled due to the pandemic. So what do you think about this issue? Do not forget to state your views in the comments section

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