Wild west theme coming to Call of Duty Mobile

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Mobile 2021 will be available for download on Android and iOS, free of charge for all players, starting May 27.

New Call of Duty: Mobile season is just one step away. In the new season of “Rebel and the Furious”, which will be released on Wednesday, May 27th, watchful players will be able to test their musketeer skills in the updated 1v1 Duel mode and show off their skills in multiplayer modes such as “Capture the Gold”, which has also been updated specifically for this season. In addition, with the new season, the game is added to the Dome map, which we know from Modern Warfare 3.

Wild west winds blowing in Call of Duty: Mobile

In the new Wild West-themed season, new characters, operator skins, “Multifunction Holger 26” submachine gun (with mythic version) and MK2 sniper rifle, along with a 50-tier battle ticket. adding to the game.

Wild west theme coming to Call of Duty Mobile

In addition, Call of Duty: Mobile brings the excitement to the top with the limited-time multiplayer event “80s Action Stars” and special tournaments brought to the game on May 20th. Players will be able to play as John Rambo and John McClane, the iconic characters from the famous Rambo and Die Hard movie series in the “Exploding Guns” mode, and experience nostalgic action with special content packs and on the Nakatomi Plaza map.

In addition, Call of Duty: Mobile is organizing a special event in Turkey, along with other countries, for this special time event. Turkish players will be able to show their skills in the special tournaments called “80s Clash” which will be held between 24 May and 03 June, in a 1 vs 1 game mode. The chance to play with famous broadcasters and huge in-game cash prizes await the tournament finalists at the event, where famous broadcasters will also participate in live broadcast.

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