What Makes a Game Great?

The question in game designers’ minds is the same: “How can I make a game that people will find fun, popular and make a lot of money?”

We have many friends who turn to programming or game design. Many emerging products are also quickly taking their place in the stillborn games trash. Unfortunately, so much effort and time spent blocking the path of many of our friends who may be very successful in this business. So to guide them, simply ask “What Makes a Game Great?” We directed the problem to ourselves and listed the answers we obtained. However, it will not be easy to answer this question. However, if we look at what some of the important games have in common, we can get an idea. Below, we list a few common points that successful games use.

What Makes a Game Great? Top 10 Features of the Games

1. Inspections

Even if everything is great about a production, it is very important that the actors are not able to interact with it properly.

One of the biggest challenges of game development is designing controls that fit the game and enhance the experience. This means that players are not frustrated or restricted in any way while trying to perform certain actions.

One of the best examples is the Nintendo 64 and the Super Morio 64 for the Nintendo Wii. Mario has always been a fun production to play, thanks to the controls that give him full control over his movements.

What Makes a Game Great?

2. An Interesting Theme and Visual Style

Designers know that one of the most important factors of the game is good visuals. Since the graphics are against the player during the entire game, all visuals in the game, such as the background, the character, must be suitable for both their world and style.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a great example as it has magnificent visuals that make the vitality of the ocean world different from its counterparts.

3.Excellent Sound and Music

Sounds are one of the most important factors connecting a game. Their music can be listened to for years, or the lines in the play take place in our language. Video games need sound effects to make the world feel more vivid and realistic with virtual characters. At the same time, the soundtrack of the game plays a big role in evoking emotion from the player and elevating the experience.

For example, in Diablo, almost all players know Deckard Kein’s words “Stay awhile and listen”. Or Uncharted 3’s unique menu soundtrack has impressed many of us.

4. The World of the Game

Unlike other forms of entertainment such as film and television, games are interactive and therefore have worlds to explore. The more attention-grabbing and available content the production has, the more the actors feel inside. Discovery of missions and rewards by the actors is among the most important factors that ensure the continuity of the production.

2015’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt achieved this by providing a vibrant and exploring world. Again, the open world of World of Warcraft brought what you can do to an almost limitless dimension. If you want, go kill a creature or fish. Who what?

What Makes a Game Great?

5. Fun Game

Entertainment is arguably the most important aspect of a game. You can have breathtaking graphics and a captivating story, but if the main mechanics for the actor to play are not fun, you can also choose to watch a movie.

There are lots of thoughts and ideas that every game designer should check out on what makes the game fun.

Tetris, which has fascinated players for decades with its “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay, is one of the best examples.

Level 6 Design

The best games often have great levels that complement the main game mechanics. Well-planned levels will help advance the story while engaging players as they face new challenges. A good level of design art takes a lot of practice and planning to encourage players to explore and continue. However, the player is never forced or disappointed. In the end, it must reach the bar.

Especially productions with RPG elements are getting more and more popular in recent years. The reason is quite simple. Your character, which develops as you progress, will easily pass your enemies or opponents who are challenging you in the first stage. Of course, some time is needed for this.

If you play the games of the SoulsBorne series without interruption for a while, you get used to the mechanics of the game and you start to give annoying answers such as ‘if you try, you will pass’ to people saying ‘very difficult’ to these games.

7.Unforgettable Characters

Every producer wants to have unforgettable characters that are not boring. This means designing characters that are visually interesting, well written, and the actor can relate to. Many producers even claim that what separates a good story from a great one is not the plot or fiction, but the characters.

Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series has deeply impressed many players not only with its beauty but also with its characteristic features. Who wouldn’t want to lead a mysterious and adventurous character?

What Makes a Game Great?

8. Mission / Reward Balance

One of the major challenges faced by game designers is to correctly balance the challenge and reward of the tasks. If you make a game too difficult, no one will touch it because of disappointment, but it’s also a very easy game to move forward, it can bore players. The best productions have been well thought out to give a smooth difficulty increase. So players keep challenging and feel rewarded.

The Halo series is one notable example that starts out easy and gets increasingly challenging without feeling the impossible progress.

9.A Fun Story

Some of the best and most loved games of all time are remembered for their stories. Whatever the reason, people prefer a production with engaging stories that include memorable characters, plot twists, and more.

Because the games are interactive, they can also serve as a storytelling tool that no one else can compare.

The Mass Effect series is one of the best examples of curiosity to see what we will encounter in the next stage.

10. Something Different

While it may seem like a good idea to follow the path of a hit game, there are some unique games that catch everyone’s attention. Good game designers strive to create a game that offers a new experience that players cannot get anywhere else. Even if that means adding just a few tweaks to an already existing game genre or style.

Consider Undertale, one of the most popular indie games of 2015. While it’s true that it shares many of the same traditional mechanics with other RPGs, the ability to befriend monsters and play without killing a single enemy is what sets it apart.

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