‘We’re done with Little Nightmares, but the rest may come’

Tarsier CEO Andreas Johnsson stated that they left Little Nightmares games behind, but the company could continue the series.

Little Nightmares his games have recently become the most successful examples of the horror genre. Although they had some flaws, new statements came from the production team for the series, which managed to strangle the actor, especially in terms of atmosphere. To the IGN team on the subject made In the statement, they explained that they were finished with Little Nightmare games and left this series behind. Of course, even though the production team left the series, Bandai Namco, which holds the rights, also has the option to continue this series with a different company.

The Little Nightmares team is working on a new game

Little Nightmares games were presented with the signature of Tarsier Studios. The company had signed with Bandai Namco in both games. Tarsier Studios, which was bought by the Embracer group in 2019, apparently closed this book after Little Nightmares 2. Making a statement about the subject and future plans, Tarsier Studios CEO Andreas Johnsson gave the following statements;

“Our goal at the Tarsier studio for the last six years has been to create fascinating worlds. Little Nightmares “It was our first attempt on this subject and it was a great success.” Johnsson stated that they were very happy with the interest in the game and the fans owning the game. Johnsson said that the artistic work, fan theories and reactions to the game are incredible. Our collaboration with the Namco Bandai Entertainment Europe team has been extremely satisfying. they listened to our creative vision and allowed us to hold onto our crazy, passionate ideas. “

“However Little Nightmares It leaves a bittersweet mark to say that we have left the world behind us. Little Nightmares It will always be valuable for our studio. After our acquisition by the Embracer group in 2019, it’s time to start something new, build a new IP and sail to new worlds. Personally, I am excited to see what our studio is up to and wait for the day it will appear before our fans.

'We're done with Little Nightmares, but the rest may come'

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