Watch Dogs Legion zombie mode is coming

Ubisoft recently announced the Watch Dogs Legion zombie mode, where we can play four people.

Released at the end of 2020 Watch Dogs Legion zombi modu is preparing to appear again with. The game, which has been on the agenda once again with its online mode in the past months, will also have a zombie invasion with the update to be made this time. With the Watch Dogs Legion of Dead Zombie downloadable content, we will embark on a four-player co-op battle against the zombie epidemic in London.

Watch Dogs Legion zombie mode announced

Watch Dogs Legion zombie mode is coming

This zombie mode, which comes with the 4.5 update of the game to be released today, will be added to the game as PvE. So, like in online modes, Topki will go on zombie missions with your three friends and try to save the streets of London from zombies. you will work. If you have played the online modes before, you know the quests here. These zombie quests will probably be found at certain points on the map and we will open these quests like other quests in PvE mode.

When we look at the gameplay video published by IGN, we see that the general dynamics of the game have an important place in this struggle. Even though the zombies are very sluggish, the production team stated that they are deadly even though they are heavy. It is also said that the zombie mode may improve as a result of the feedback received. In other words, if the players like it, more different missions and innovations can be added to the game. You can check out the gameplay video posted below.

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