Watch Dogs Legion Online

We tested the Watch Dogs Legion Online mode, which will be released on March 9, at a special event by Ubisoft last month.

With a special online event organized by Ubisoft last month, Watch Dogs Legion Online We had the chance to play the mod. We have formed a team of four together with three members of the press from our country and we have the chance to look at the features open in this presentation. we reached. In this content, I will tell you how the game has dynamics, together with its pros and cons.

How was Wath Dogs Legion Online?

Watch Dogs Legion Online In fact, it is a mod that is completely loyal to the dynamics of the main game and incorporates different dynamics by using this skeleton. In other words, you can create a group of up to four people and wander around those beautiful streets of London as you wish. Let me tell my master, you can combine this city with a view of Big Ben if you wish. All the features we are familiar with in free roaming mode have remained. For example, the mini events in the main game have been left as they are. So when you see a ball in the park, you can enter a ball bouncing race with your friends in the group.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

Of course, Watch Dogs Legion’s system of changing the main characters and adding new characters to the team is an important part of the online mode. The more different characters there are in your team, the more comfortable you are in the tasks. Because if your character dies when you go on a mission, you are allowed to continue the conflict by directly selecting one of your other characters.

Of course, in order to re-select your deceased character, a certain amount of time must pass according to the character characteristics. For example, in my team there was a special forces soldier carrying a heavy machine gun. While I had to wait five to 10 minutes for other characters, I had to wait 15 minutes for this character. In addition, it is important that your teammates control the event during this character selection process. The thing I got the most scabies in this process was the spawn, the points where your character was reborn. You spawn in such irrelevant places that sometimes you are surrounded by enemies and you face the death screen again as you exit.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

In the online mode, which continues the story of the game, the task operation is distributed on the map. Here you have to go to all missions, including the PVP mode, on the map. Speaking of PVP, I want to talk about this game mode that surprises me.

There is a PVP mode called Spiderbot Arena in which we use small robot spiders in the game. In this mode, which has an arena-style gameplay as its name implies, you try to destroy other players. Whoever gets the most scores within a certain period of time sits in the first seat. Random weapons are positioned at different points in the arena. These weapons include different weapons such as rocket launchers, lasers or machine guns or grenade launchers. On the one hand, you are trying to be more advantageous by buying these weapons on the other.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

Frankly, I can say that this Spiderbot Arena part was the mode I had the most fun in the game. It becomes more fun and competitive, especially when you play with your friends. Of course, how long this fun can last in the long run, I’m not sure about that.

Apart from the PVP mode, different tasks are included in the PVE section. At least in the special demo we played there were a few large and small missions. Since you are already four people in small tasks, you can achieve success by scanning the scan. Large-scale missions are designed a little more complicated and fun. For example, you may need to be divided into two groups and scattered around very different points on the map. In these two points, for example, you have a button that you have to press at the same time, and you provide the progress in this way. I can say that I found these tasks consisting of different sequences more fun and competitive.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

On the competitive side, the most annoying thing in the online part of the game is artificial intelligence and enemy attacks. So some missions are very difficult and this difficulty does not force you technically or tactically. You want to use character traits to add more role-playing dynamics, but the game does not allow it after a while. This mechanics instantly throws all the weak characters in your team. You just start looking for characters with a good weapon. Because in such a big conflict, you have no use for the team when you only have a gun in your hand. In difficult missions, the enemies turn into enemies that die hard from tactical and artificial intelligence and can cause more damage to you.

Another point I will criticize in the online part of the game is the bugs and the lobby creation system. Since we are playing the online mode of the game in a technical demo, we can excuse most of these errors. But we can already say that you will naturally encounter many errors in the main game, more precisely in the game, in Online mode. The lobby creation system should definitely change when the online mode comes out. The most challenging part for us in the technical demo was to create a lobby and get four people together.

Watch Dogs Legion Online

As a result Watch Dogs Legion Online will continue to advance the story along with the mod. At least considering that it will be free in the first stage, it can be an alternative for users who already have the game. So if you have already played the main game and enjoyed it, it means you will also enjoy the Online mode. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried the game and liked it, it is hard to say that the Online mode is a great innovation for you. Finally Watch Dogs OnlineLet us remind you that will be published on March 9.

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