Valheim VR mode announced

Valheim VR mode announced by a Valheim fan. A beta version of the mod that allows you to play Valheim in VR has been released.

By a Valheim fan Valheim VR mode was announced. Developer named Brandon Mousseau has released a beta version of its mod that allows you to play the game in VR.

Brandon says Valheim worked hard to launch the first playable VR mode. In the current state of the mod; While the motion controls are functional for navigating the menus, the game can only be played with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. It does not have a third person view; Although the players around you do not have the Valheim VR mode, you can play multiplayer. Brandon says full motion controls will be coming in future updates. This mod adds VR support to the game using OpenVR and SteamVR Unity integration.

Valheim VR mode offers an interesting experience

Valheim VR mode from here You can download it. You can also find a video with gameplay tips shared by the developer below:

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Valheim VR mode

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To keep up to date with the latest developments in Valheim VR mode and Discord You can visit their servers.

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