Users are very satisfied with the PlayStation 5 update

The first major system software update of the PlayStation 5 console has been met with great interest on various social platforms.

Some PlayStation 5 users say that an unannounced feature of the new update is an improvement in disk spin error. Since the system’s launch in November 2020, PS5 users have reported an issue that caused the console’s discs to spin at various intervals, usually loud. Some users said that this problem recurs every hour, while others said it repeats between 15-20 minutes. It was anticipated that the problem could be part of an authentication process, but it was reported that the problem was occurring even when the inserted disk was not used.

Fortunately, Sony seems to have introduced the PlayStation 5 solution early.

Part of PlayStation 5 users are reporting that the console’s first major system software update on various social platforms resolved a bug with the Blu-ray drive.

From the link The comments / comments made after the update on Reddit, which you can reach, indicate that the problem has been resolved. One user commented: “I can confirm that this stupid problem was finally fixed by Sony. The new system update 2021-04-14 fixed the problem.”

From the link Another Resetera that you can reach: “Yes, it definitely looks quieter when doing the checks. It’s still pretty loud when loading a game (I uninstalled and reinstalled Demon’s Souls to check this), but whatever happens it is now much quieter.” .

PlayStation 5

Push SquareAccording to reports, the change can be observed easily. He says the problem was “somewhat muted”, although he reports that the update doesn’t offer a complete fix.

The “fine tuning” made seems acceptable for now. The opinions of the players who encounter this problem, especially the PlayStation 5 owners, are very important to us. You can indicate your opinion in the comments section.

Sony released the PS5’s first major system software update yesterday, April 14th. Today, it was met with very good comments before the update. Besides other updated and added features; Storage of PlayStation 5 games on external USB drives and cross-generation Share Play, the ability to share games between generations, are also available.

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