Undying Moon is now available for early access on Steam

Purchasers of Getsufumaden: Undying Moon Early Access will receive a special package that includes the original Famicom version of the game.

Konami’s new game, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, announced recently with an early access version on Steam. The production, which has a Ukiyo-e style, combines 2D, roguelike and metroidvania genres. Konami’s statement regarding this early access process is as follows;

Getsufumaden: Undying Moon Steam edition now available for early access

Konami Digital Entertainment, BV announced today that the new 2D hack-and-slash roguvania style game developed by indie game studio GuruGuru is now available for Early Access on SteamĀ®. GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon with 40 TL early access price meeting with the players.

The Early Access version of GetsuFumaDen, published in 11 languages, consists of eight beautiful chapters, all of which are designed in the Japanese Ukiyo-e visual style. The Early Access package includes the original Famicom version of the game, digital artbook and original soundtrack.

KONAMI states that they support the recording and publishing of this version as well as opening the official Discord server that players can use to communicate their feedback. The User Content Guide, which is being prepared in this direction, aims to help content producers around the world with the content they create and to answer any questions that may arise in their minds. This guide will be available on May 14th.

Getsufumaden: Undying Moon is now available for early access on Steam

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