Twitch subscription fee will be 10 TL

Twitch announced with its official statement that subscription fees will be localized in some countries, including Turkey.

Twitch announced with a statement that subscription fees will be localized and that the subscription fees in Turkey will be 10 TL. According to the company’s statement, in some countries, including Turkey, a regulation and localization system comes to subscription fees. This new system, which will first start in Turkey and Mexico as of May 20, will be put into use in other countries in the future.

Twitch subscription fee is 10 TL

While the subscription fee in Turkey is 9.90 TL, it is stated that this fee will be 48 pesos in Mexico. This application will be operational by the third quarter of 2021 in most countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. It was also underlined in the Twitch statement that this decision was considered by both the broadcaster and the viewer. In this way, viewers can subscribe to the broadcasters they watch more easily. stated. The official explanation and details made by the company are as follows;

Twitch subscription fee will be 10 TL

Twitch continues to invest in the growth of the creators ecosystem. Twitch said in a statement that in the next few months, adjustments will be made to the price of subscriptions (existing subscribers, new paid subscriptions, and gift subscriptions) in most countries to better accommodate local costs. The first of these will be Mexico and Turkey on May 20, 2021. Most countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe will follow Mexico and Turkey from the third quarter of 2021.

A viewer’s subscription price will depend on where they live and where they set their Twitch payment method, Twitch said in a statement. We designed this pricing model to ensure that prices are set appropriately for viewers wherever they live. For creators, this means that some viewers on their channels may see different prices. This change will make it easier for creators everywhere to grow their communities, while making it more convenient for viewers to show their support and access subscriber benefits such as ad-free viewing (when enabled by the creator), custom channel emoticons, subtask badges. The new pricing program will first start on 20 May 2021 in Mexico and Turkey. The new prices in Turkey (9,90 TL) and Mexico (48 pesos) reflect significant price decreases. ”

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