Turkish game ‘A Way to Be Dead’ is out this month

A Way To Be Dead, a multiplayer horror game in the Turkish-made survival genre, will be released this month. A short trailer was also released.

Developed by Crania Games A Way To Be Deadwill be launched this month. Announcing that it is very close to finishing the game, the developer team celebrated with a short trailer that the game is already approaching the end of the development process. A multiplayer survival & horror genre game developed with Unreal Engine 4. At the same time, the team, who is good with horror games, previously released their game called Roots of Insanity in 2016.

A Way To Be Dead will be released this month

A Way To Be Dead

After the Crew Roots of Insanity Beyond Extinct He was also engaged in an FPS game called. The developer Crania Games, who both developed himself and proved to the people as “Look, we can do this job” with the game that we can call the domestic DOOM, continues on its way. A Way To Be Dead will be a survival & horror game that we have seen in the market with 4v1 logic. In the game that will take place in the Roots of Insanity universe, many tense and fearful moments await us. You can watch the short trailer published right below. Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

For more information about this new Turkish-made game, you can reach our previous news from the link below.

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