TP-Link will focus on mesh and wi-fi 6 technologies

TP-Link announced at its press conference today that they will focus on mesh and wi-fi 6 technologies, as well as their 2021 plans.

One of the first companies that come to mind in modem, router and wireless network solutions, TP-Link held a press conference today and talked about both the current situation and the company’s 2021 Turkey plans. At this meeting, where the general product range of the company was also mentioned, TP-Link Country Deputy Manager Ali Dinçer also stated that the company will focus more on Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technologies in the future. The explanation and details on the subject are as follows;

TP-Link will focus on mesh and wi-fi 6 technologies

Stating that they could not meet with the press for a long time due to the Kovid epidemic, TP-Link Deputy Country Manager Ali Dinçer stated that they shared innovations, especially Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh technologies, with members of the press.

The Kovid epidemic reveals internet problems and needs in homes; For this reason, Dinçer said that they have been working harder since the beginning of the epidemic, “TP-Link is the world’s largest network generator. We have offered and continue to offer the advantages of being a large manufacturer to consumers in all the negativities experienced for more than a year.” Stating that they are in a process that is renewed at every stage from production to logistics and support services, Dinçer emphasized that the demand for especially pre- and post-sales support has increased tremendously and explained that they are constantly trying to improve the support service provided through every channel.

TP-Link will focus on mesh and wi-fi 6 technologies

The solution to the internet need is new technologies…

Underlining that they have invested in two technologies since before the epidemic, Dinçer stated that these are Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh network technologies. Indicating that they have a very rich product family in both technologies, Dinçer said, “We are one of the brands with the richest model with Wi-Fi 6. Currently, we have many router, range extender, network adapter models as well as mesh solutions with Wi-Fi 6 technology.” Saying that they will put the first modem with Wi-Fi 6 on sale next month, Dinçer said, “Our first modem with Wi-Fi 6 will also be a member of the mesh supported Deco family. We are planning to put Deco X20-DSL, a Wi-Fi 6 modem, for sale in Turkey in mid-July.”

TP-Link will focus on mesh and wi-fi 6 technologies

Saying that the Deco product family, which is mesh network systems, has expanded a lot, Dinçer said, “We have a Deco model suitable for every user type. We have a rich mesh family, from entry-level models to hybrid Mesh model that combines Mesh and powerline technologies, from models with IoT support to models with Wi-Fi 6 technology, and we have no rivals in this regard. “While this continues to expand our family, every new network solution comes with support for OneMesh, TP-Link’s mesh platform.”

Emphasizing that the solution to the need for strong internet all over the house, which has become much clearer with the epidemic, is new network technologies, Dinçer said, “It is possible to solve almost every WiFi problem with mesh network technology. Likewise, WiFi 6 technology, which has revolutionized both speed, coverage and the number of connected devices, is the solution to many WiFi problems in homes today,” he said, and suggested that its users invest in new technologies.

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