Top 5 Fun Game Tricks

The funniest game tricks we can think of have always made us laugh. When it comes to game cheats, the first thing we think of is immortality. But what do others do?

When it comes to game cheats, we often think of cheats like God Mode, but sometimes companies add such fun game cheats that we do not forget for years. In the next version of the game, we definitely try it first. In this article, the 15 Most Fun Game Cheats have been brought together.

There are cheats that help you win in video games, cheats that make it impossible to lose, or cheats to effortlessly unlock characters, weapons, challenges, maps and skins.

But undoubtedly, the best game cheats, whether it’s pirates or developer-made game cheats, is the genre that makes you laugh.

Game Cheats: Top 5 Fun Game Cheats

1. Big Daddy – Age of Empires

Code: Type the code BIGDADDY during the game

Instead of waiting to evolve from the Stone Age, why not build a 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 to destroy all your enemies with a rocket launcher?

2. Flying Cars – GTA: San Andreas

Code: You can activate the cheat by typing RIPAZHA during the game.

How can we choose the best among all the crazy game cheats that the Grand Theft Auto series has given us over the years?

You could choose the super funny punch that throws NPCs on the map like a baseball ball, or the game cheat that lets you take out a military tank in the middle of Liberty City. But I think it’s best to fly a car in the air.

3.Big Head Mode – NBA Jam

Code: Press the Hold Up, Turbo and Steal button before the air shot and grab the ball

There’s something special about watching Larry Bird and Michael Jordan jump in the air and set the nets on fire before they hoop the ball, especially when they have huge heads. Of course, when the head is this big, it will not be easy for them to jump.

4. Exploding Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Code: Enter a wrong code

Unlike other codes on this list, this one will only work if you mistype a code. Your reward is the famous adventurer Lara Croft who is shattered. This game cheat came about with the promise to get Lara Croft naked. But in the end we just saw it cut it into small pieces.

5. Evil Cars – Saints Row Serisi

Saints Row has squeezed into the series’ longstanding tradition of including hilarious and ridiculous cheat codes while stealing everything it does from the GTA games.

The “Evil Cars” mode is quite fun. Crushing you under the wheels is the number one priority of every driver on the road. This game cheat creates a Destruction Derby-style carnage from the moment it is activated.

Of course, we can increase these examples. However, we wanted to leave the word to you for the game cheats. Which game cheat was the most enjoyed by you? Didn’t you think? Then our Game Cheats page will help you remember.

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