They found the bar in Uncharted 3 on Last of Us

Even seven years after its release, the mysteries in the games can remain a mystery! Found the O’Sullivans bar in Uncharted 3 on Last of Us.

A user on Reddit years later Last of Us discovered an easter egg in the game. At game, Uncharted 3There is a location that we can recognize from. The entrance section of the bar in Last of Us is designed exactly the same as Uncharted. This easter egg, which was found years later, has also triggered questions about whether there are mysteries yet to be found.

Last of Us was hosting the bar on Uncharted 3!

This mystery is on the game’s Subreddit page. headliner u / bucks800 found. The user comparing the two games with a shared visual “The first episode of the bar in Uncharted 3 can be found in Last of Us!” Wrote. O’Sullivans The bar named is featured in both games, and players say it refers to the Uncharted character Sully. However, in Last of Us, this bar is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, so you might think a few times to get in.

Last of Us hosts the Uncharted 3 bar

The bar in Uncharted 3 is actually far from the US / Pittsburgh location where Joel, Ellie, Sam, and Henry were trying to get rid of, Located in london. However, as one player pointed out on reddit, we must assume there is a link here. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg when we consider the Uncharted references in the series. Because fans have found many different easter eggs that greet the Uncharted series in both the first and the second game of the series. For example, the Weston Pharmacy in TLOU2, the pill bottle, and the artwork hanging on the wall in Joel’s house in the first game’s DLC pack. in place will be. It is possible to see many familiar faces here. Of course, some references are so secret that, as in this news, they can only be noticed seven years after the game’s launch.

Uncharted isn’t the only game that has references in the TLOU series. Naughty Dog is a company that likes to make references to different games and producers in its game. In fact, it’s not the only company that does this. CD Projekt RED also sent it to Valve with Cyberpunk 2077. You can find our related article right from the link below.

The Bar from Uncharted 3’s first Chapter can be found in The Last of Us! from r/thelastofus

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