The Witcher Season 2 comes with Wild Hunt

In Season 2 of the Netflix series The Witcher, Wild Hunt, which we know from games and books, will appear. The costumes look very good.

New images have been shared for the second season of the Netflix series The Witcher. Among the images shared are Wild Hunt warriors that we know from both the game and the books. It seems that a much more violent and action-packed Witcher series awaits us for Season 2 of The Witcher.

The Witcher season 2 brings Wild Hunt alongside

New images were shared for the 2nd season of Netflix’s popular TV series The Witcher. The photos released from the series shootings show that Wild Hunt will appear in the new season. Redanian Intelligencereported this in their news after images started appearing on social media. He then spoke with his sources and confirmed that there will be Wild Hunt in Season 2, based on the photos. You can see the wild hunting warriors posing on a sunny day with their heavy armor on horseback right below.

With the news coming in the past weeks, we have reported that we will see new wizards from the sorcerers’ lodge for The Witcher season 2. Philippa Eilhart will appear as Cassia Claire. The mighty sorcerer, who appears in the second and third games of the series, seems to be the trouble of Yennefer in the new season.

The Witcher season 2 will come with Wild Hunt

Things seem to change quite a lot in the new season of The Witcher series. As Geralt appears with his new cool and heavier armor, we will also see new faces in the story and the players. It seems that the new season will appear as a season in which Wild Hunt threatens the world and Geralt’s unique Ciri, as we have seen in the games of the series. Although the casting of the first 8 episodes was discussed, the series was liked. Although there are still debates about the actors who will appear in the series next season, we will make the final decision by watching it again. There is no release date for the new season yet. However, when it is announced, we will try to inform you as quickly as possible.

In addition, we also have mod news about the Witcher 3, which is highly appreciated by the players. You can check out the YouTube video of the user, who has greatly improved the graphics, lighting and shadows by installing more than 50 mods in the game, by clicking here. You can also share your views with us and other readers in the comments section just below.

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