The Witcher 3, with more than 50 mods loaded, looks great in 4K resolution

Youtube user named Digital Dreams has installed more than 50 mods for Witcher 3, one of the games that marked the past generation.

Witcher 3 mod support It is one of the games that we come across from time to time. We have encountered different mod news for Witcher 3, which is one of the most successful productions not only in the past period but also in the game industry and which bears the signature of CD Projekt. Some of these modes make gameplay easier, while others make the game more enjoyable. Of course, the leading work in mod support was the modifications on the graphical side. If a Youtube user Witcher 3 has managed to make the game perfect with more than 50 modes he has installed for.

Installed more than 50 mods for the Witcher 3

Youtube user named Digital Dreams has installed more than 50 mods for The Witcher 3 and also prepared a video for this work. In this study, which he prepared with NVidia GeForce RTX 3090, which includes technologies such as ray tracing and is one of the most powerful cards in the market, we can also say that it made the game look even better by running it in 4K resolution. Moreover, Digital Dreams channel has listed all these modes on Nexus. In other words, it is possible to upgrade the game to this level by installing these mods.

When we look at the details about the installed mods, we see that there is a lot of emphasis on coating, realistic appearance and lighting. It has applied to many successful mod studies prepared before for all these cases. To the list of the mods he has installed from here you can take a look.

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