The trailer for The Mind Wanderer starring Hugh Jacman is released

Apart from Hugh Jackman, the trailer for the Mind Wanderer movie featuring actors such as Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton and Cliff Curtis has arrived.

One of the ambitious productions of the year, with Hugh Jackman Mind Explorer A long trailer has been released for the movie (Reminiscence). The movie, which has a science fiction theme and takes place in the near future, will have a story based on remembering, as can be understood from the name. The Turkish title of the movie was chosen as Mind Traveler.

Trailer released for Reminiscence movie

Behind the Mind Wanderer is Lisa Joy, who also brought the Westworld TV series to life. Lisa Joy will write and direct the film, as well as producing it. When we look at the cast of the movie, we see that he preferred many names he worked with in the Westworld project. We see.

As I said at the beginning, the movie Reminiscence takes place in the near future. In the movie, we see the city of Miami, which is inundated due to climate changes that pose a real threat. Hugh Jackman will give life to the character of Nick Bannister in this world where high-rise buildings are above water and transportation is made by high subways. In the movie, we see a special device that allows people to access their memories. When we look at the subject, it is stated that a scientist will discover this technology and look for traces of his long lost love. In the trailer, we see that the duo focuses on Bannester’s search for him through memories and the moment they met.

Famous actors Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson share the lead roles in the film’s cast. The two had previously worked together on the critically acclaimed The Greatest Showman. The cast also includes names such as Thandie Newton, Natalie Martinez, Angela Sarafyan, Cliff Curtis, Brett Cullen and Daniel Wu.

The trailer for The Mind Wanderer starring Hugh Jacman is released

It is also stated that Lisa Joy received support from her husband, Jonathan Nolan, while writing the script of the film, and was inspired by her short story Memento Mori. This movie was also the starting point of the memento movie. Jonathan Nolan, as you know, is the brother of the famous director Christopher Nolan. Jonathan Nolan, who has produced many films, is also one of the screenwriters of films such as Batman films, Intersteals, Memento and Prestige.

If the movie’s vision date does not change due to the pandemic, it will be August 20, 2021.

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