The play made by one person draws attention with its Mona style

Bringing adventure and puzzle dynamics together, Mona has joined the caravan of games developed by only one producer.

Mona is a game that combines puzzle and adventure dynamics with only one person in the making. From time to time, we come across games of this kind developed by a single player.

These games focus on action and sometimes on the platform genre. Generally, their common denominator is that they have a unique style. Since only one producer has developed it, I think we have the chance to see his imagination in such games.

One of the best examples of this in recent years has been Bright Memory. We can say that the newly announced game Mona, which is developed by a single player, is an example of a game that looks different.

The play made by one person draws attention with its Mona style

Game developed by a single producer: Mona

The game’s Steam When we look at the page In general, we see that it is described as a production with exploration and puzzle dynamics with a third view camera angle. It is also stated that the game, which was developed by a Reddit user named Vincent Aalbertsberg, has been in development for about a year.

The first video of the game, in which we will investigate which evil destroys the people on the island you started to explore, also looks very promising. In the video, we can say that especially the graphics and puzzle style of the game are remarkable. It has also achieved a unique atmosphere with its character and environmental designs. You can take a look at the announced announcement video below.

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