‘The number of Playstation 5 special games will be more than ever’

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, in an interview he attended, announced that the number of PlayStation 5 exclusive games will be higher than other consoles.

Playstation 5 exclusive game There has been a statement that is very ambitious about the issue and will please the console owners or those who are considering buying. Jim Ryan, who is the CEO of the Sony Interactive Entertainment unit, to which the Playstation brand is also affiliated, attended an interview. Playstation 5 exclusive game announced that the number will be more than other consoles. Stating that they have made the necessary investments in this regard, Jim Ryan stated that they have quietly but consistently invested funds in private game production.

Playstation 5 will delight its users with its special game issue

'The number of Playstation 5 special games will be more than ever'

One of the leading magazines of Japan in its field, Nikkei interviewing Jim Ryan, Playstation 5 exclusive game he spoke assertively and confidently. Jim Ryan made the following statements in this interview he attended.

“We are continuing our investments for Playstation 5 special game production in a way that we can say quiet but stable. And I can say that we will be sure that Playstation 5 will have more games than ever in terms of special games. As in Insomniac Games company, we have made some mergers and different acquisitions in the past. We will not ignore such options in the future. ” Ryan, underlined that there may be new acquisitions in the future.

Ryan also stated that special games will be coming to the Japanese market and made the following statements on this subject. “PlayStation 5 has had a large number of games by Japanese developers since early. And we want to strengthen our ties with Japanese developers in the future and publish content for PlayStation 5 suitable for the Japanese market.”

For Playstation 5, which has hosted more multiplatform games so far, Demon’s Souls game has been specially released before. The console will host the games Returnal and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart in the coming days.

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