The man who changed everything: Shigeru Miyamoto

In this content, we take a closer look at Shigeru Miyamoto’s entry into the game industry and his perspective on games.

Who is Shigeru Miyamoto? Move a little further, punch the bricks you encounter, jump over the monsters that come across and get your neck taller with the mushroom you bought .. How ridiculous when you tell it, isn’t it? Yes, I’m talking about the first episode of Super Mario. Perhaps one of the most iconic moments in the game world, this introduction to Super Mario is known to many players from 7 to 70 and will continue to be known. But what sets Mario apart from other games? Why does this game hold such an important place?

The man who changed everything: Shigeru Miyamoto

To understand Mario, one has to take a closer look at the name behind him. Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the leading names in the game world, is not only Mario, but also a name that has made very important productions such as Donkey Kong, Zelda and Pikmin. The biggest secret of his success is that if you ask me, he really does play. Because many productions that we call games are moving away from this concept. Miyamoto, on the other hand, will never lose the child in him, so he stubbornly clings to this child. We see in his own statements that he always wants to do something different from what everyone else does. Indeed, even though Miyamoto is the CEO of a billion-dollar company, he is fun enough to grab a sword and shield when the time comes, so he really managed to hold on to that kid inside him.

Miyomoto has been a source of inspiration for many games and producers in the industry with these games. Although Miyomoto has visited many different worlds, he is one of the people who sparked the imagination of the producers who signed these worlds. It may not have created large fluctuations, but we can say that Miyomoto left the stone that created those waves.

The man who changed everything: Shigeru Miyamoto

Born in 1952, Miyamoto came from a humble family. The famous producer, who spent his childhood in a more rural area away from the city center, was taking walks that lasted for hours this period. Miyamoto, who loves to search around and discover new places, has managed to transfer this sense of discovery to his plays. He held on to the experiences of his childhood in almost all the plays he signed, especially the Zelda series, and he always managed to keep his imagination wide.

It is quite interesting that Miyamoto stepped into the game world. Because he’s actually a not a programmer. Having studied industrial design, Miyamoto finds himself in Nintendo with the help of his father. This is how he enters the game world, in which he left a mark, in 1977. Miyamoto, who saved Nintendo, who had a hard time financially, with this game he released in 1981, did not slow down afterwards and almost clinched his success with the games he made one after the other. Leaving the Donkey Kong game, Jumpman transformed into Mario just a few years later and continued to set sail for his own adventures on this journey, which he started with a size of 32 KB.

The man who changed everything: Shigeru Miyamoto

The first Mario games are among the most psychopathic productions in the game world in my opinion. If you show someone the first Mario game right now, I’m sure he will try to play it. It is not easy to be a production that still maintains its success despite all these years and will definitely be remembered by those who have seen it from 7 to 77. Moreover, it is still possible to get that old taste even in the latest games. Of course, there are games that I think the company exploits too much. However, when we look at the variety of Mario games, it is possible to say that even RPG games are unexpectedly good.

I will not tell you at length about Miyamoto’s achievements or his games. Because we already know most of them and continue to play. My aim is to convey the perspective of games to you, albeit a little. He is still actively involved in game development and continues to guide new developers with his touches. More precisely, he has already managed to pass on his legacy to Nintendo’s main producers. As a matter of fact, when we look at the latest Zelda games or productions like Mario Odyssey, we can see that they still have Miyamoto’s perspective. On the other hand, as I have just mentioned, it is a name that has changed the face of the game world with both the games he made and the productions such as Mario 64.

The man who changed everything: Shigeru Miyamoto

I don’t know about you, but these 2 games I counted were among the productions that really made me feel like I was playing a game recently. During this time, of course, I played very successful games on different platforms, there were games where I had the same feeling, but I can also say that this feeling has never disappeared in Nintendo’s leading games. Of course, it is also very effective that Miyamoto creates his own trends instead of following the trends. Maybe this is one of the only factors that make the company successful, who knows?

As a result, you may not like Mario games, it may sound childish to you, but remember that the person who dropped that stone in water Shigeru MiyamotoIt was none other than.

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