The level of detail of the game increases with this RDR 2 mod

With a new RDR 2 mode released, you will be able to take the detail of the game’s open world to a whole new level. Worth to try!

Published by Rockstar Red Dead Redemption 2It has a very important place in the eyes of the players, especially with the details of its open world. The detailed world and interactions, the quality of the artificial intelligence, and the “living world” feel made RDR 2 a favorite of the players. The way for modification of the game was made available on the PC platform at the end of 2019. Today we come across RDR 2 modu you will be able to make some small changes in the detailed and vibrant world of the game.

RDR 2 mode makes the world more “persistent”

Red Dead Redemption 2, the game of details, turns into a slightly more challenging but more realistic experience for players thanks to this new mode. If you played the game, you will see some things disappear when you leave and return after causing certain damage in a town. Sometimes it can be a corpse, sometimes a structure you damaged, and when you come back you can find it intact. Thanks to this special mode published, you can take the game to a new level of realism in this regard.

The level of detail of the game increases with this RDR 2 mod

Enhanced Entity and World Persistence 1.2This mod called “makes the world more permanent in the game. To turn it on a bit, when you slaughter a town, corpses or anything you damage will not be removed from there. This RDR 2 mode, developed by JullietG and installed by PixieV, makes vehicles, weapons, horses and corpses no longer available. It is tracked by default and any assets you interact with are added to a persistence ring that you can set yourself. It also includes a lot of optimizations within the mod. it has a performance monitoring system that can be released, “he explains.

In addition, the witness system changes with this mode. Now when you leave a body on the road, you will need to know that it will stay there for a long time and act accordingly. However, among the most popular modes of the last 30 days are modes that allow you to smoke a full cigarette, sit down, and automatically greet everyone who greet you. To browse you can click here. Do not forget to mention your opinion about this RDR 2 mode in the comments section at the bottom.

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