The Last of Us fan found the same dog in both games

Did you know that the same dog is found in both games of The Last of Us series and there is a sad story behind it?

The Last of Us seems to feature some mighty souls in its brutal world as well. In the games of the series, a dog that managed to survive from the first game to the second game, while the limits of the dead infects and people were not counted, was detected by a player.

The dog that survived both games of The Last of Us

It makes us all happy to see our little friends at games, but it’s also nice to see the same dog in both games. As one player noticed, we can love a dog Joel loves in the first game of The Last of Us with Ellie in the second game. Reddit user woahruben noticed and showed two scenes side by side on Reddit comparison image you can see it below.

The sequel looks a bit more detailed with better graphics, but players agree that the two are the same dog. In the comments, it is possible to see some information about the dog that may actually hurt you a little. They mention that the dog named Buckley was added to the play as a memorial to the dead dog of Troy Baker, the play’s voice actor. This is the soundtrack voiced by Troy Baker and Nolan North The Last of Us gameplay video It was also verified during.

The first game and its sequel is teeming with easter egg mysteries waiting to be found by players. Last month, a player found a bar from the first episode of Uncharted 3 in the original The Last of Us game. You can reach our related news from the link below.

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