The game changes dimension with the GTA V graphics mode

The new GTA V graphics mode, called 4K Ultimate Mode, upscales the game’s textures to 4K resolution and looks pretty good with other improvements.

Grand Theft Auto V Thanks to the 4K Ultimate mode, you can bring the graphics of the game closer to today’s standards. With features such as 4K textures, lighting, RTX support and global lighting, this GTA V grafik modu looks pretty good. However, there is also an aspect of the job that may spoil your taste …

The GTA V graphics mod looks pretty good but …

The new video released by Digital Dreams reveals the texture and many graphic improvements this new mode has made to the game. From the video below with this mod You can see how it looks. Have a good time!

Now is the time to break the bad news. Unfortunately this mod is behind a paywall, which means it’s not available to the public for free. As far as we know, it is not yet sold through a channel open to players and is only available for Patreon members of Frosty Series X OV3RK1LL.

The game changes dimension with the GTA V graphics mode

However, we must underline that the mod looks very good in the video. Of course, even if they changed the rims of all vehicles to put the RTX in our eyes and made it rain on all the streets at night. So what do you think about this mod? Is there a GTA 5 graphics mod that you can recommend? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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