The first PlayStation game comes to Xbox Game Pass

Developed by San Diego Studio and broadcast by Sony, MLB The Show 21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass on April 20!

Developed by San Diego Studio and broadcast by Sony Interactive Entertainment, MLB The Show 21 made history as “Sony’s first game released on Xbox”.

MLB The Show 21, which is expected to be released on April 16, 2021 and is based on Major League Baseball; Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s San Diego Studio. It is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S on April 20, 2021, as the first game brought by Sony Interactive Entertainment to a system other than PlayStation.

The MLB: The Show series of baseball games started in 2006. It garnered many critical and commercial acclaim; It has continued its life as the only baseball simulation video game on the market since 2014. It has always been exclusive to PlayStation platforms. It was first announced in December 2019 that it will be coming to “additional console platforms” for the first time as part of Sony’s decision to extend the multi-year extension of its video games license agreement.

Jamie Leece, Vice President of MLB games: “Bringing the series to more players and baseball fans is something we’re all excited about. Xbox fans’ fastest, deepest and most intense baseball action ever; with brand new field mechanics and playstyles, Xbox on April 20. he said.

Sony surprises MLB with The Show 21

VGC’nin Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, reported; He said a subscription-type model like the Xbox Game Pass could not be maintained for PlayStation Studios because the game budget was “well over $ 100 million”. At the same time, he added: “For others in a different situation, this may well make sense, but not for us. We want to expand / grow our existing ecosystem and putting new games into a subscription model is not in line with our future plans.”

The first PlayStation game comes to Xbox Game Pass

The game is currently pre-ordered in the online store and has three different purchase options:

MLB The Show 21 Xbox Series X/S: 539 TL
MLB The Show 21 Jackie Robinson Sürümü: 659 TL
Digital Deluxe Version: 775 TL

As you know, those with Xbox Game Pass do not need to buy the game. With a monthly membership, 30? In exchange, you can access games to be added to the library, including MLB The Show 21. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play the game on Android devices via the cloud system in beta on April 20.

To subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, this to the link – this to buy the game to the link you can click.

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