The Days Gone team is working on an exciting game

Days Gone developer Bend Studios, which recently came to the PC platform after Playstation 4, is working on a new game.

Finally, it was announced that Bend studio, which appeared with Days Gone, is working on a new and exciting game. In the past few minutes, we have included some statements by Herman Hulst, one of the important names of the Playstation brand. Along with the news of God of War Ragnarok postponement, it was also announced that the game would come to the Playstation 4 platform. Along with these sad but important statements came another happy news.

Bend Studio is developing a new game

via PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst’s Playstation Blog his statement According to Sony Bend Studio is working on a new IP. Saying that Bend Studio is working on a very exciting new IP that they are very, very passionate about, Hulst continued his words as follows; “They are developing the deep open world systems they developed with Days Gone. That’s why I’m really happy for Bend Studio.”

The Days Gone team is working on an exciting game

As you know, Days Gone was praised for its beautiful atmosphere, world design and gameplay dynamics, but it was also hit in terms of story presentation and mission.

According to a report in April, it was revealed that Sony Bend studio once wanted to develop a sequel to Days Gone, but the Days Gone 2 project was not implemented due to mixed reviews. At the same time, Days Gone director Jeff Ross left an open door, stating that they were always hopeful for a sequel.

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