The Daft Punk band announced its disbandment

Daft Punk band, one of the best representatives of electro music and whose every album is a hit, announced that they were disbanded with their statement.

Daft Punk The music group made a surprise announcement in the last few minutes and announced that they had disbanded. One of the best representatives of electro music Daft Punk his band managed to make a tremendous impact in every album they released. Kathyrn Frazier, who was in charge of public relations for the group after the breakup news broke out, confirmed the news of the breakup.

Daft Punk band disbanded

Of course, following the emergence of the news of the breakup, the reason for this decision was the most curious subject. Kathyrn Frazier said in a statement that there was no reason for the decision to break up. So the group members just decided to dissolve. With these statements, a video called “Epilogue” was shared on the official Youtube channel of the group. In this video, which is about eight minutes long, we see the band members getting together and after one of them explodes, the other continues on their way. Although there is no official statement yet, it may indicate that while one of the group members retires, the other will continue. In any case, we can say that with this video, it became official that the Daft Punk group disbanded.

In 1993 by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter established Daft Punk group managed to draw a different portrait, especially by wearing helmets and being out of sight. There are many awards and successes, including Grammy music awards, in the history of the band, which came to the fore with the music they just made. Daft Punk, who has been featured in movies such as Iron Man and Tron Legacy, has upset his audience with his decision to leave.

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