The best April 1 pranks of 2021

You questioned the reliability of the internet several times yesterday, right? Here are the best April 1 jokes made this year

As you know yesterday, April 1 jokes graced the internet. We even made a joke news for you. Big companies also shared different jokes on the internet, taking advantage of the meaning and importance of the day. Here in this news, we have compiled the best April 1 jokes made yesterday for you. Let’s see how big companies deceived us.

The best April 1 pranks of 2021

Keepmoat Homes, a company dealing with custom home designs in the UK, made a nice joke with a post it shared on Twitter yesterday. He said that in the newly designed houses, tea will flow from the tap for those who want it and shared a visual as you can see below. For the British and especially the people of our country, it is actually a project that can accomplish great things in practice.

Teletubbies – a name you wouldn’t expect to hear in 2021 – announced that they entered the cryptocurrency business by releasing a Tubbycoin reportedly being developed at the WildBrain Labs research facility in Coachella Valley. We would definitely believe it, especially if they had it published on another day rather than April 1.

Volkswagen has perhaps been a bit hasty on the April 1 jokes this year. In a tweet they published two days ago, they announced the new “Voltswagen” brand they were working on electric cars and announced the new ID.4 SUV models.

In your childhood, you probably accidentally stepped on a LEGO piece and spent some painful moments. Here’s an announcement that LEGO made yesterday saying that it put an end to your pain. The moment the smart LEGOs realize you are going to step on them, they make your way. Again, an idea that would do a great job in theory!

Heinz announced yesterday its new tomato sauce formula. This new sauce, which contains both tomatoes, strawberries and bananas, can also be consumed both cold and hot as a “smoothie”. How would you like to take a tour to the peaks of flavor with this new sauce that will start a feast on your palate for a long time with its unique flavor? It can be used in any way!

This was the best April Fools jokes we’ve seen. If you guys have come across some better jokes somewhere, we expect to see them in the comments section. You can also go to the April 1 joke news we made yesterday by clicking below. Good to say, the Xbox front was the winner in the Street Fighter V tournament held late last night. Now they are waiting for your help to make Series X designed refrigerators.

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