The Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer and more

In the new screening made today, many details such as the Age Of Empires IV gameplay video, release date and which nations will be shared.

The Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer was also featured in today’s screening. The gameplay trailer published in the presentation, which shows many innovations and details for the series and the last game of the series, is the kind that will excite real-time strategy lovers. If you want to watch with the smile created by nostalgia and excitement on your face, the trailer is just below. The good thing is that after the original screening, the video of the fan review with full Turkish voiceover was also released.

The Age of Empires IV gameplay footage is awesome!

The Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer and more

In the event, where we saw new details about Age of Empires IV, many details such as which nations will be in the last game of the series, and how the units look, have come to light. If you like real-time strategy games, what you will see can be very exciting for you. Age of Empires, one of the legendary series, makes wars more exciting than ever with the last game of the series. As the developers from Relic say, we are faced with “something we have never seen.” Of course, in addition to the Age of Empires IV gameplay trailer, existing games and new images of many details were also shared in the presentation. Let’s take a look at them all together.

When you think of battlefields, graphics, and units, you will be distracted. Although there is no clear release date yet, the game, which is said to be released later this year, looks quite exciting. We can say that a wide world awaits us in the game, in which Normandy and Chinese factions will also take part. You can watch the video below for Normandy, which is one of the four different stories that we can play in the scenario mode of the game. In the new game, they found “a style of storytelling we’ve never seen before,” the developer studio says.

However, they also allowed us to take a closer look at China, one of the playable factions in the game. When we say a Europe, an Asia, there are images that will excite the fans. We will be able to use elephants in the Chinese faction.

There are also many innovations on the way for Age of Empires: Definitive Collection. The second new expansion pack for Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, “Dawn of the Dukes”, has been announced. Our journey to Southern Europe begins. Also coming towards the end of this year is the coop feature for AoE II Definitive Edition, which will allow us to play historical battles and parts of the story with our friends.

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Finally, if you are wondering what the sea battles are in, a short section of the Age of Empires IV gameplay footage touched on what naval battles would look like. However, we do not have any details on this subject other than the short video below.

Although the Age of Empires IV release date is not clearly announced, it is stated that the game will arrive later this year. This was the details announced today for AoE, one of the flagship series of the real-time strategy genre. In addition, registration for the closed beta has started. By joining the Age of Insider program, you can register for the game’s closed beta. Click here You can go to the related page. What do you think about the new game? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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