Teamfight Tactics Showdown set meets players

The game mode, also known as the Tactical Wars of League of Legends, appeared before the players with the Teamfight Tactics Showdown set.

The TFT, or Teamfight Tactics Showdown set, was presented to the players with the new update published. In the new update based on contrasts, there will be struggles between good and evil, order-chaos and light and dark.

The face of the game will also be changed with the “TFT Set 5” update, which brings important changes along with it. The explanation and details of Riot Games about this new set are as follows;

Teamfight Tactics Showdown set released

Teamfight Tactics Showdown set meets players

Black Fog is spreading not only to Runeterra, but to all League of Legends games. Black Mist infiltrates Teamfight Tactics through a mysterious passage, cursing everything in its path and disrupting the balance between chaos and order. As armies fight for balance, players must choose between the guardians of the order or the warriors of the dark. The theme and story of Reckoning will progress along the set and in the middle of the set as well. to be continued.

Reckoning Mechanics: Shadow Items

The Black Mist has spread to Close by and curses everything it touches. This includes items! Shadow items, the new set mechanic for Rivalry. Cursed by the magic of Black Mist, these items are stronger than their normal form, but using them often comes at a cost. Shadow item items can appear in every circle and arsenal after the first. Armory is a shop that works like a champion shop, where you can choose from certain items. The Armory will also play an important role in Hyper Refresh and will be a permanent feature. Players will have between two and four shadow component items per match, depending on their choice in the arsenal and circles.

Origins, Classes, and Champions

With the Showdown, players will find that their favorite champions have new classes and features. Some of the new classes are: the forgotten, the mischief, the nightbringer, the cavalry, the ironcatcher, the ghoul and the dawnbringer. Players will face champions with more 3 traits than previous sets. These will increase flexibility in the later stages without making options overwhelming in the early stages.

Teamfight Tactics Showdown set meets players

Settlement Card

With the Reckoning Card, players can start TFT adventures and earn great loot by playing games, completing quests and fighting for the Convergence. The Reckoning Card serves as a map and key to assist players in an adventure filled with emotes and tiny eggs of legends. Players can acquire the special card to collect the contents of the base card, as well as collect more treasures, such as crackers, arenas, and a superbly insane Penguin. In addition, players can also unlock special card contents earned up to that level by upgrading the card later. As soon as players raise the card, it also unlocks the insidious creature of this set, the Chaos Fairy!

Arenas and Firecrackers

The Showdown Card content includes brand new snaps and arenas. Some of the new firecrackers that players can use to blow up opponents are: Venom Raid, Prismatic Smash, Wings of Rage, and Rune Slash. The Reckoning Card includes three new arenas: The Place of Order, the Realm of Harmony, and the Chaos Assembly. Showdown comes with two new interactive arenas as well as card arenas. The Count Spatula Arena has a Spatula strengthened by the streak, live music, an elegant portrait, and a chilling setting. Players can buy soda from Yampiri Buffet and enjoy delicious barbecued food in the Flash Party Arena.

Magic Kid Little Legends

Unlike previous sets, Reckoning will feature a multi-format story about Penguş and the new little legends Fışır, Ulukurt and Tezayak. In addition, players will have the opportunity to get to know Chaotic Pengu.

Labs and Hyper Renewal

Labs will offer players new and experimental ways to play TFT. The first of these labs will be Hyper Renewal. Hyper Refresh is a mode that allows players to enter and exit the game in approximately 15 minutes. Players start the match with 10 lives, and each round they are defeated loses 1 life. As the game progresses, the amount of lost health becomes 2. Also, there is no accumulation gold here, so players can renew the shop as they wish. Neutral minion rounds, loot spawn, level up system, and circle rules are also different.

Hyper Refresh and other future labs will use a system that is separate and slightly different from the basic ranked gameplay. Players will again be able to climb the rankings and show that they are the best Hyper Renew player; however, their current ranks such as Champion and Mastery will be stored in the main TFT experience.

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