Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

Tales From the Borderlands invites us to the Borderlands universe with a story that is both fun and immersive.

Tales From the Borderlands An enjoyable adventure game that officially debuted in 2014 and consists of 5 different episodes in total. You may know the producer firm Telltale Games from the games “The Walking Dead” “The Wolf Among Us” and “Batman – The Telltale Series”. Those who like old “Adventure” games like me first got acquainted with the company thanks to the Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island series. The company attracted attention especially with the first season of the “The Walking Dead” series, and then continued on its way with the “interactive movie”-like games it released.

Tales from the Borderlands incelemesi

The company’s credibility began to decline as Telltale started releasing similar, low-quality games. Although they recently started doing slightly higher quality works such as “Batman: The Enemy Within” and made remarkable game announcements such as “Stranger Things” and “Wolf Among Us 2”, it was not enough to save the company and towards the end of 2018 the company shrank by 90% and It remained closed until it was acquired by LCG Entertainment a year later. LCG Entertainment has revived the Telltale Games name and is still known to be working on new business.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

So why are we publishing a review of a game that was released in 2014 and has already been reviewed on our website? Moreover, when you look at the Steam page, the game’s release date appears to be February 2021. By the time Telltale Games closed, almost all of its games were removed from the digital market. The story Tales from the Borderlands is about the events that take place between the second game and the third game in the Borderlands universe, and therefore it has a remarkable importance in the chronology. There was even a DLC package for the second game, which is about the aftermath of Tales From the Borderlands. Naturally, Gearbox Software is taking this game back, and on February 17, 2020, under 2K streaming, we get the opportunity to experience one of Telltale’s best stories again. (In addition, we did not review the last section, we also gave a total score)

We made an unusually long entry this time. This review consists of 5 episodes that were recently re-released Tales From BorderlandsWe will examine the disadvantages compared to the old version and look at how much it does justice to the price tag. So let’s start.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

The Adventure of the Company Man and the Swindler

Borderlands games are a series that stands out with the variety of weapons that reach seriously high numbers rather than the main story. It is said that there are structures called Vault from ancient civilizations on the planet Pandora, where you are very likely to die the minute you step. Vaults contain unimaginable levels of advanced technology and weapons. Those who strive to reach the Vault are called Vault Hunters, and money, fame, and great wealth await those who are successful. As a Vault Hunter in the main games of Borderlands, my goal is to reach the structures called Vault and gain riches. Tales From the Borderlands, on the other hand, provides us with a different perspective.

Tales From the Borderlandsis set after the death of Handsome Jack, the archenemy of the second game. While everyone in the Hyperion company he owns is pursuing power, one of our main characters, Rhys, is a company man who tries to strengthen his position within the company. When the previous boss takes a spacewalk for reasons beyond his control, Rhys’ main opponent becomes the new boss and all his plans fall into ruin. Rhys, who makes a plan with his close friends and decides to put the boss in a difficult situation, does not know that he is about to embark on an adventure he never expected.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

The second main character of our story is Fiona. A swindler doing big business in Pandora with his brother and his guardian who saved them from the street. Fiona plans to put a fake Vault key on sale and make a $ 10 million paycheck, and Fiona’s business is changing because of Rhys, who appeared as a buyer, and Vault Hunter Zero (Borderlands 2), which suddenly appeared in the middle of the sale.

Starting to work together to save both their lives and $ 10 million in the beginning, Fiona and Rhys pursue a true Vault as a result of the events that took place in the first episode, presenting us a great story full of adventure, conflict and betrayal. The fast pace of the first episode and the characters involved in the story (Loader Bot

Doing a very good job in terms of story Tales From the Borderlandsmanages to present this successfully. The dialogues are very well written, and none of the conversations that change depending on the choices you make seem irrelevant. As someone who loves good scam stories, I loved the character preferences of the series. In most of the jokes, Pandora and Hyperion company have been very well absorbed into the game, there is no problem with the characters from the main games playing the role, the narration of the story changes according to our choices. I can give ten points to the story aspect of the game, not counting the slow operation of the second part called “Atlas Mugged”.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

If Choices Are Not Just An Illusion

Although Telltale initially debuted with “Point & Click Adventure” games, it gained its main popularity with The Walking Dead, which was similar to Quantic Dream’s games. The games that tell stories like we can see the effects of our choices had a positive impact on Telltale’s success. It was annoying that the company was paying attention to the players at the beginning, but after a while deceiving the players by making sure that whatever you do, whatever they want to do with the logic of “selling games”.

Tales From the BorderlandsWhile it has an interactive movie feel like the firm’s other games, it’s not too bad in terms of interactivity. In fact, it may be the most interactive game other than the Batman series that came out later. In the sections where we can roam freely, we see the different characteristics of both characters. Rhys has the ability to obtain important (and funny) information by scanning objects or people thanks to the implant in his eye. Fiona has money. In some cases, you are talking money for you and you can open the road easily. We also have an inventory system, but it is mostly cosmetic. Do not hope to try the ingredients in different places and see what kind of things you can do.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

I praised the storytelling and dialogues, and said that the narration changed according to our choice. Almost every choice you make has an impact on the game. Some choices have serious consequences that will affect the attitude of the characters next to you, while others affect how funny the conversations you will witness will be. Yes, I count that as an effect. When you make a nonsense choice, the game offers ridiculously funny dialogue accordingly. Actually, the main story is clear, there is not much you can do about it, but with some serious choices, you can decide which characters will play what role. Apart from that, Telltale still has options that “seem to make a choice but don’t make a choice”. They’re not too much, that’s a big plus, of course, but they’re still there.

In some scenes, you also engage in interactions that we call “Quick Time Events”. Do not watch what is empty and give some attention to the keyboard-remote. Some of the activities that cause the death of the characters (and naturally you start over) are some of the activities that will trigger funny events. Since there is no puzzle in the game, such interactions are needed, otherwise it would be a movie, not a game. But the episodes where we hit the Q key sometimes annoy me. I hit the keyboard like crazy, that Q key bar doesn’t fill up because he doesn’t want a game. If it won’t work, why are you forcing me to beat my keyboard, oh producers?

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

Finally, let’s talk about the playing time of the game. Divided into 5 chapters in total, the game offers approximately 2 hours of playtime per episode. It is possible to see the whole game in 16-20 hours, considering the chapters you took from the beginning to see the choices and effects you will make, and the last episode, which is a little longer and changes the end of the story according to your choices. However, the most upsetting thing for me in the game, which was released again under 2K, was that we lost the chance to see the choices made by other players. If only they’d put a system in it, I always liked comparing the choices I make to other people.

Which Systems Does This Game Run On?

The graphics of Tales From the Borderlands have the Cell-Shade style that the original game also had. This is a very good thing because it is not a remastered game we played. The years since its debut have not caused the graphics to become disturbing. If you compare it not with Borderlands 3 but with Game 2, there is not a very noticeable difference between the graphics.

Although Steam says 2021 as its release date, our game was released in 2014 and still has the system requirements of 2014. I think that any system that you can do daily tasks and whose graphics card is at an acceptable level will run smoothly.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

I really want to praise the voice cast. In the play, which has well-known names such as Troy Baker, Laura Bailey and Nolan North in the voice cast, all the dialogues have been successfully voiced, and they manage to keep the mood of the characters alive. Their music selection is very good, sounds are used in place.


I mean, Tales From the Borderlands is the best game ever released by Telltale. Telltale, which has very good productions like the first season of Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, did a great job both in terms of story and gameplay in Tales From the Borderlands, a collaboration with Gearbox. It has a narrative, solid characters and a well-written story that can quickly absorb someone who has never seen the Borderlands universe before. Actually, I can recommend this game to everyone, but there will be someone who will not necessarily like it. So I said I would make a short list of who I recommend.

Tales from the Borderlands inceleme

If you are into Borderlands this game is for you. If you are looking for a game where you can laugh a lot while watching a quality story and connect with the characters, this game is for you. If you want to collect a lot of weapons and kill the enemies running on you, this game is definitely not for you. If you are looking for an old-fashioned “Point & Click Adventure” game, you will not find what you are looking for here. If you do not want to give the price of an old game as it was first released, this game is again not for you. I would like to mention the last issue briefly.

Although we do not want to highlight the price issue too much in the reviews, it is necessary to talk about it from time to time. Tales From the Borderlands When it first came out, the distributor was Telltale, and they had a pricing policy suitable for local stores. For this reason, there are those who bought the game for a price of 10 TL on time. With the distribution company being 2K, a change took place in pricing. The game is sold with a $ 20 price tag in world output and Steam Turkey in the The selling price is set at 144 TL. When I take into account the average duration of the game, I cannot recommend you buy it unless you get a 50 percent discount. 75 TL may still be high, but it will be a very affordable price depending on the content of the game.

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