Super Mario 64 Plus mode released with many improvements

A modification called Super Mario 64 Plus has been released, which includes many improvements, as well as updates such as extra controls and camera system.

A Turkish indie game developer released the Super Mario 64 Plus modification with improved camera and controls and a 60 FPS mode.

Super Mario 64 Plus, which we can describe as a “game”, is an attempt that not only solved the problems of the original PC port, but also managed to improve the game with extra features. The game, made by a Turkish indie game developer MorsGames, was met with great interest.

If we need to go into more details, we can say that Super Mario 64 Plus has more sensitive controls, improved camera and motion system. They also have additional features like continuing to the current level after getting a star. Moreover, it brings 60 FPS mode. The original version of the game runs at 30 FPS. For this reason, we think it will attract many Super Mario fans.

Super Mario 64 Plus features

  • More responsive controls
  • Improved camera system
  • Improved move set
  • Ability to continue the current level by acquiring a star
  • Optional extra modes
  • 60 FPS support
  • Various bug fixes

Super Mario 64 Plus mod released

The mod, which has already received over 17,000 views and over 8,000 downloads, is 2.51MB in size and has not received an additional update so far as it was released just four days ago. Play the game Super Mario 64 Plus, an improved modification of the Super Mario 64 PC port in the link You can download it from the site.

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Producer Kaze Emanuar, the mod was released at the time, which can run Super Mario 64 at 60 FPS. The game engine that Super Mario 64 runs on is fully integrated into its FPS. The game must remain at 30 FPS in order to continue healthy and at a normal speed. But Kaze Emanuar was able to keep the game at both 60 FPS by overcoming this and making some changes to the coding. You can read our article below to reach the related news.

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If you need any support related to modification, you can use Super Mario Flashback. in the link You can join the official Discord server. If you want to learn a little more, check the game details or report a problem in the link You can also visit the Github page.

You can state your opinion about Super Mario 64 Plus, which was created by a Turkish independent game developer modifying the original PC port, in the comments section.

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