Souls genre Pascal’s Wager coming to Steam

Pascal’s Wager, which was first released to iOS and then Android platform, comes to PC with Definitive Edition renewal.

Pascal’s Wager, on mobile platforms and iPad, “Is there a game like Souls?” It was a game that gave the answer to the question. After its announcement at the E3 fair, it appeared in the Keynote presentation made by Apple company. Pascal’s Wageris coming to the PC platform this time after mobile platforms.

Pascal’s Wager: Mobilde Dark Souls olur mu?

Pascal’s Wageris a game that makes storytelling just like the Souls games that it inspires on the gameplay side, and focuses more on research. In addition to our light and heavy attacks, mechanics such as defense and dodge are used in the game and you also unlock different characters as you progress.

Along with these characters, the use of magic and weapons attached to is happening. A different skill tree has been assigned to different characteristics of the characters in the game, and by unlocking new features in this skill tree, you get a stronger character. There is also a Bonfire-like system in the game, and thanks to these points called Alter, we also provide character development.

Exceeding 1 million thresholds on mobile platforms and Steam as of March 12 over Pascal’s Wager: Definitive Edition version to be published will be visually polished. It is also stated that the game will have 4K support on the resolution side. You can take a look at the video we made about the iPad version of the game and the trailer for the PS version below.

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