Sony wants to release Uncharted and God of War mobile games

According to reports, Sony aims to appear before users with games like Uncharted and God of War mobile.

God of War Mobil or Uncharted Mobil What would you think if games like it came out? Because if we look at the news, the Playstation team wants to release mobile versions of their classic games. Among these games, the names of the classic series that are identified with the brand such as God of War and Uncharted are mentioned. It has also been revealed that Sony, which is very warm on this issue, has opened job postings to improve the Playstation team.

We can see the God of War Mobile game soon

Sony wants to release Uncharted and God of War mobile games

The company is establishing a new team that will focus on mobile games under the umbrella of Sony Interactive Entertainment Playstation. When we look at the statements made by Sony, which opened job postings and started looking for employees, we see that it aims to bring its classic games to mobile platforms. “Help develop mobile games and strategies that will shape the future of games for a world-class studio,” the job ad was quoted as saying. Also in this job posting, top manager for the company’s Playstation mobile game development department We also see what you are looking for.

In the details of the job posting, the expressions of benefiting from the productions already owned by the Playstation brand and achieving more in the mobile market are also remarkable. Among the games mentioned, as we mentioned, Uncharted, God of War series, as well as Gran Turismo, are also mentioned.

Apparently, Sony is looking to expand its game range by entering the market on the mobile side. I am sure that nobody has any objection to the productions or different processes that are worthy of the names of the mentioned brands, but as a hardcore game lover, I definitely do not want to encounter a God of War Run from Ragnarok style game. Of course, we can encounter very good examples of productions such as Gran Turismo and Little Big Planet on mobile platforms. Time will tell us what strategy Sony will execute on this side.

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