Sony Censors Images of Violent in Games

Sony does not allow the use of fragmented scenes of human characters in video games of game makers.

According to a recent report, Sony censors violent depictions in video games. The degree of violence in video games has been a controversial issue for a long time. It is often argued that games should have a lower intensity to reach a wider audience. Despite this, some developers continue to use too much violence in games.

Sony Censors Violent Images in Games

According to a report by GameSpark Japan, Sony is asking developers to remove violent depictions from video games. This information comes from Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and CEO of the Japanese development studio Cyberconnect2, who stated that Sony forced developers to make changes to the Naruto Ultimate series. Minato Namikaze, one of the characters in the game, was missing an arm in the original story. However, he had an arm in the final game. Matsayuma cites that the reason for this is that loss of limbs in characters with human appearance is not allowed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Minato is technically not a human being. However, as the character is considered to have a human appearance, this is not allowed by Sony.

Sony Censors Images of Violent in Games

Above all is that SIE allowed such depictions in some games. Matsuyama says he had a part in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot where Nappa’s arm was shattered. It was not removed from the game because there is a difference in views between the two games (Naruto and Dragon Ball). There is no talk of what this difference is, but we can think of it because the Naruto series is more realistic.

Sony’s stance on this issue allows for the high level of violent content in some of its games (for example, The Last of Us 2 had many bloody scenes that received great acclaim despite the criticism), while others did not see it as a bit unfair.

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