Sony can make a move similar to Xbox Game Pass

A claim from the former developers of the God of War franchise says “Sony could make a counter move against the Xbox Game Pass,” according to sources.

Sony is planning a counter-move for Xbox Game Pass, said a former senior developer. There are new claims that the popularity of Microsoft’s subscription service compels the company to do this. It seems that the competition of the giants will turn into the interests of the players in the long run, and guess who will profit from this again? Yes, we players may receive news that will make them smile in the future.

Sony is planning a service similar to Xbox Game Pass

This is exactly the case, according to David Jaffe, former God of War developer and one of Twisted Metal’s co-developers, who claimed to have spoken to a number of sources from PlayStation about Microsoft’s plans to respond to the popularity of the subscription service. (VGC through.)

As you know, Game Pass has been the center of Microsoft’s gaming business since its launch in June 2017. The system, which has more than 18 million subscribers as of January 2021, was very popular with the free participation of exclusive games for Xbox and PC players from the first day. The fact that subscribers have more than 100 games at an affordable price has made this a very attractive subscription service especially for our country.

Now the allegations say “Sony is planning a counter move for the Xbox Game Pass”. In the previous statements, they had said that the Game Pass model will not work for PlayStation. Jim Ryan said in previous interviews that a subscription type model cannot be sustained for PlayStation Studios. He claimed that the reason for this was that the development costs of the games were over $ 100 million. However, with the news that MLB The Show 21 will come to Game Pass from the first day, many changes have been reported.

Xbox Game Pass

In an interview with the Russian news agency TASS in November 2020, Ryan suggested that Sony might have a trump card to counter Game Pass. When asked how to respond to Microsoft’s subscription service, he said, “Actually, there are news to come, but not today.” “We have PlayStation Now, which is our subscription service and available in several markets,” he continued.

Jaffe, who worked with PlayStation for 14 years but left the company in 2007, heard from sources at Sony that they were working on a response to Game Pass. “I’ve said over and over again that people who write that Jim Ryan is coming to an end are acting too early,” he said in a video posted on his YouTube channel Thursday.

Jaffe continued, “I can tell you, I know they are doing some things because I know people at Sony who tell me they are doing something. There will be a response to Game Pass. “We don’t know what happened,” he added. In order to respond to the service, he has to be at least as attractive as he is. This shows that we may soon come up with a service similar to Sony Xbox Game Pass.

“What I’m going to say I’m worried about is. Jim Ryan, the right answer to Game Pass would be to add backwards compatibility, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games with their trophies. Collect all the series and make a streaming service. Definitely if you think progressing with PS Now is the right way to go. is wrong. “

Sony apparently doesn’t want to fall behind the competition. We will see together how this will affect the players in the future. If Sony makes its popular games more accessible with an Xbox Game Pass-style subscription service, it will not be a bite. You can also express your opinions in the comments.

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