Six Days in Fallujah was developed in Sony Santa Monica sometime

The war game Six Days in Fallujah, which brought controversy, was also in the development process by Sony Santa Monica for a while.

One of the most controversial war games of recent times Six Days in Fallujah A new claim has come from the former God of War director. Part of the game’s long development process, he said Sony Santa Monica continued in his studio. Claim by game designer David Jaffe, who directed two God of War games in Sony Santa Monica was expressed.

Six Days in Fallujah also developed in Sony Santa Monica

In the last episode of Jaffe’s YouTube show, in which Days Gone creative director and writer John Garvin also participated, Jaffe said, “Actually, did you know that Six Days in Fallujah was under development in Sony Santa Monica for a while? So we are from outside …”

Jaffe’s sentence was then interrupted by Garvin and Garvin said, “I was at a greenlight meeting.” Jaffe replied, “Correct.” “And when this game really started to become something they wanted to have a real look at war, the companies said ‘thank you but no’,” he concluded. Then when Jaffe asked if the development process could lead to a final product, Garvin said:

“It’s a difficult thing. We are in a climate where we are just stepping into the minefield, man.”

Six Days in Fallujah was originally to be published by Konami more than a decade ago. However, the publisher withdrew from the project in 2009 due to the controversial nature of the game, which received criticism from many different circles, including veterans and anti-war groups. The PC and console game, which will eventually be released this year and is in development for a long time, aims to tell the story of the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 from the perspective of American troops fighting Iraqi rebels. At the same time, members of the city’s civilian population will also participate in the game.

Six Days in Fallujah was developed in Sony Santa Monica sometime

The publisher of the game, Victure, was announced by its CEO Peter Tamte in February. PolygonHe received sharp criticism after claiming in an interview with “that the war itself did not try to make a political comment on whether it was a good or a bad idea”. A month later, they changed their stance by publishing a statement admitting that the game “cannot be separated from politics” and that they aimed to tell the story from different perspectives. You can also state your opinions about this game in the comments section.

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