Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

What kind of game is Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, in which we have the chance to play an unpublished pre-release? Let’s take a look together.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview: The year is 1205 and the 6th day of summer in the Kingdom of Midland. The Ismirs suddenly launch an attack on the people who are about to start harvesting. War pipes reverberate above Edring, smoke-drenched streets turn into a bloodbath. The dormitory is now occupied. Although the city guards fought bravely, the Ismis were outnumbered. Before the reinforcements arrive, the center of the city is already in flames. City guards perish in disregard for their lives to help the citizens. Those who survive soon find a shelter where they can be temporarily safe within the cold fortress walls and prepare for defense by joining the castle crew.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

They take shelter in the inner castle and the situation is reviewed … Supplies are limited. There is no doubt that the Ismirians will attack again soon. Although every inch of the city is occupied, the castle, which has been taken refuge, is the only place that has not been captured yet and is currently under siege. Until help arrives, the task of spraying enemies falls on the bastion and the people that will support it.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

It all starts with Flint, who has worked as a worker in the past and has a quiet life …

He never thinks that his life will change completely within one day. Anyway … Who could think? As he was busy doing his job among the animals yesterday, Flint awaits aid to arrive today in the ruins of a castle surrounded by ruthless invaders. He sums up his situation as follows: “I hope God can protect us from this danger.”

Developed by Black Eye Games and Fish Tank Studio and published by Ravenscourt, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is about a medieval city under siege. A handful of civilians, especially Flint, struggling to prevent the walls from falling, are at the center of the game. In the game where you need to combine survival strategy and resource management, players will produce supplies and pillage the occupied city to aid the last troops struggling to confront the enemies.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis game has music and main menu design that suits the medieval theme. So much so that even the Settings section has been designed in a very simple and understandable way. Apart from that, Turkish language support is also available and seamlessly integrated into the game. There is not much you can deal with except to start playing the game you understand. Don’t be fooled by the flamboyant animation at the entrance of the game; you will not fight the enemies yourself. But this does not mean that the fate of the city is not in the player’s hands. He will arm the last soldiers who oppose the outnumbered enemy forces on many issues and the reinforcements will come to support. you will defend the castle.

Siege Survival: Managing your resources and producing supplies in your castle during the daytime with the characters you manage in Gloria Victis; At night, you need to go out to plunder, search for resource (s), and find new civilians to join your fight. There are many loot points / areas such as the Port, Craft Area, Bazaar Place, Altınköşe, Murdar, Körükçüler Island, Tepeşehir, Ata’s Temple, Slums and Castle. You have to act carefully as you progress through the occupied city areas where you will progress gradually. You can run by double clicking the left mouse button, but your character moves with a lot of noise in the running position. In order to move more cautiously and focus on what is happening around you, it is useful to click the left mouse button once and walk at a normal pace.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

Siege Survival: Defeating Glory – yağma Sistemi

You have to make sure everything is ready before going out on the loot. The first thing you need to pay attention to is whether the survival parameters of the character you will assign are average or above average. The map displayed in preparation for looting shows secret passages and points / areas leading from the castle to the city. Although one of the passages appears at first, you will definitely find a way to open the other passages and you will be able to start the night elsewhere in the city.

Some places that were opened to other branches of the city during the looting process can be seen as closed due to the accumulation of debris as a result of trebussee attacks. As can often be seen in the areas you tour, there are many resources that can be collected in those regions. But first the passage needs to be cleaned. To open these closed roads, you need a shovel that can be crafted in the Workshop, used to lift large clumps of the city.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

By the end of the night, the character you manage in the process of looting becomes easily noticeable to the enemies. The guards are soon sent to your location. In addition; If you spend a lot of time looting your character you manage, the survival parameters will drop pretty quickly. This, in turn, can cause the character to be tired and unable to escape from the guards.

Even if the nights pass, you should always be prepared for an enemy attack. You can use the quiet hours of the night to help the soldiers in your base, who will meet the enemy attacks.

You should always be ready for the worst: As the enemies prepare for the attack, you must help your soldiers to repel the attack through the character / characters you control. This help can sometimes be done through a meal, sometimes through broken armor or weapon repair. Even if you repel enemy attacks, your soldiers can be injured or killed, your base’s morale may be lowered, and your buildings and walls can be destroyed-damaged. Consider every possibility and strive to strategically process your materials.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

There is a chance that the structures you build in enemy raids could be damaged by objects thrown by the enemy trebuchet. For this reason, structures need to be strategically placed. Buildings; It can be placed in areas protected by the thick walls of the basement, but since these areas are very limited, you have to decide which structures you want to build and protect first.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

Siege Survival: Defeating Glory – Parametreler

Siege Survival: Defeating Glory in his game; There are survival parameters such as Fatigue, Hunger, Thirst, Sickness, Injury, and Emotion, all of which are of great importance for the development and efficiency of the character (s) you manage. The character / characters you manage should rest when tired, eat when hungry, drink water when thirsty, and have treatment when sick or injured. It should not be forgotten that the soldiers and farm animals in the bastion have survival parameters, just like the character / characters you control. When they are hungry and thirsty, they too can die. Having healthy farm animals will often be a useful return to the course of your game. Livestock can eat rotten food as well as animal feed prepared from two pieces of rotten food.

It is also necessary to mention two different types of water that you can collect from looting and various exploration: Clean water and dirty water. Dirty water does not seem to work, but it can be beneficial. Dirty water can be turned into clean water through a raised fireplace and can also be used to water your gardens.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – Practical Information

  • You can speed up the game via the time icon at the top right.
  • Day of the upcoming attacks, etc. You can learn the character you manage with intelligence information by sending it to the enemy line on an expedition.
  • You can open the map with the “M” key to see where you are at any point during the night. You can find the button that performs the same function at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Torch; is a light source. It is also useful for burning corpses that have begun to rot.
  • Shovel; Used for lifting large clumps in the city.
  • Cloth; They are pieces of fabric that can be used in wrapping and building construction.
  • Tools; It is a set of tools used in creating items and building structures.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis preview

The “Warehouse” is the first building you will meet in the game and is of high importance. The available structures you can build are listed on the left as can be seen in the screenshot above. Buildings that you have the required materials for construction will appear in green, others in red. Eight different structures are available:

  • Billet with Saw Stand: It allows the logs to be processed as wood and plank.
  • Cooking Stove: It is used for cooking.
  • Work Bench: Provides the production of tools, torches and arrow decks.
  • Butcher Table: Required to properly disassemble the carcass and prepare feed for animals.
  • Composter: Makes it possible to obtain fertilizers from organic materials.
  • Dryer: It is used for preserving meat and vegetables and drying greens.
  • Herbal Workshop: Enables the production of Herbal Medicine, Handmade Wraps and Cloths.
  • Repair Shop: It allows to repair broken weapons and armor.

Siege Survival: Defeating Glory It is built on an infrastructure that will allow modification and use of community-generated content when fully accessible. Players will be able to create their original scenarios and stories from scratch and bring different perspectives to the game’s universe.


You need to be a patient player, as you can see the positive or negative results of your preferences very quickly. There is an excessive and unnecessary assertive entrance animation for a game that has such a sedate and knows what it wants. While emphasizing that it is a “difficult” game, Siege Survival: We are generally optimistic about Gloria Victis. There are bugs that can be tolerated for a newly released game, that can be closed with minor updates, and we think they will be fixed. It was a very smart act to use the interactive visual novel technique to increase the striking power of the medieval-based story. They also overcame the translation requirement that came with using such a technique. The game has many language support, including a well-used Turkish. We appreciate and support the step taken by the developer and publisher team, while even the pioneers of the global gaming industry do not emphasize enough on this. If you want to try the game, there is currently a demo available on Steam. To download the demo from the Steam store you can click here.

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