SIE London is developing a new PS5 exclusive game

SIE London, a first-party Sony studio, is working on a new exclusive game for PlayStation 5, according to its job postings.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London studio is currently preparing to develop a new game. Your studio based on job postings PlayStation 5 We can say that he is working on a new custom game. But SHE London what is he doing What have these guys done before? Let’s see.

Blood & Truth developer SIE London develops PS5 exclusive game

For studio recruiting ads are open. ─░ki open position The expressions used for (Lead Tech Artist and VFX Artist) refer to “work on a brand new, next-generation IP”. There is also another vacancy for an online game designer, confirming that the studio is working on a “new PS5 project”.

He adds, “As a first-party studio, we set out to produce games that demonstrate the exciting potential of the latest PlayStation hardware. So it’s important that you are ready to experiment and work in unexplored design areas!”

“We are no strangers to innovation with a rich history of working with games like Singstar, Eyetoy, Eyepet, Book of Spells, and more recently VRWorlds in VR at SIE London.”

SIE London develops a new PS5 exclusive game after Blood & Truth

Visual belongs to Blood & Truth game

When the studio’s statements and job postings come together, it is not difficult to say that a PS5 exclusive game has been developed by SIE London. However, we can make assumptions about the platforms where the new game will be released by looking at the history of the developer. The studio’s latest game Blood & TruthAfter its release in May 2019, it had great success in physical sales in the UK. In fact, it was the VR game that took the first place. The fact that the studio’s past games are also VR-focused increases the possibility that new games coming for PlayStation 5 will be released for PS VR 2.

You can learn the first details about the new VR controller from our related news by clicking the link above. Launching later this year, the new VR headset will offer improved resolution, field of view tracking, and leverage new controllers. So what do you think about the new project developed by SIE London? Do you think VR games play an important role in the new generation? Do not forget to state your views in the comments section.

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