Sentinels are the team that won the cup at Masters Reykjavik

The competitive Masters Reykjavik, which started on May 24, witnessed the Sentinels – Fnatic fight in the final.

In Masters Reykjavik, the scene of international competition, 10 teams that were successful in their own regions faced off in an offline event in Iceland. Sentinels were the side that made their mark in the final matches from the fight between Fnatic and Sentinels to the cup.

The World’s Best VALORANT Team Sentinels!

Sentinels are the team that won the cup at Masters Reykjavik

The Masters Reykjavik finals took place between Fnatic from the lower matches and the Sentinels who made it to the finals uneventfully from the upper matches. In the 5-map grand final, the North American region champions Sentinels became the Masters Reykjavik champions with a score of 3-0 in a perfect game against Fnatic. Officially titled the best VALORANT team in the world, the North American team Sentinels returned home with a $200,000 prize and 400 points for the VALORANT Champions Tour without losing a single map.

Fnatic’s Challenge at Masters Reykjavik

Sentinels is the team leading to the cup in Masters Reykjavik

Proving their stamina from the first round, the road to the Masters Reykjavik final was a tough one for Fnatic. After losing against the Sentinels in the early stages of the tournament, Fnatic, who fell into the lower matches, faced the threat of being eliminated early in every match he entered. came across.

After defeating Southeast Asian team X10 Esports and North America’s number two team Version1, they found themselves in another rematch against EMEA co-representative Team Liquid. After losing 3-2 against Team Liquid in the EMEA Challengers Playoffs matches, Fnatic became the winner this time. Finally, Fnatic, who faced South Korean Champion NUTURN Gaming in the Submatch Final, won the last match played in Haven after the draw in the first 2 maps of the series and made his mark in the finals. Although Fnatic lost the trophy to the Sentinels in the final match, he returned from Iceland with a silver medal, $ 100,000 in prize money and 350 round points.

Competition Will Increase at Next Masters Berlin

For a better representation of all regions, 16 teams will participate in the next Masters tournament and the event will take place in Berlin.

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