Romance dating simulator Valorant: Agents of the Heart announced

Riot Games announced the romantic dating simulator Valorant: Agents of the Heart, which will expand the universe of the tactical shooter game Valorant.

Riot Games made a surprising announcement and romantic dating simulator Valorant: Agents of the Heart made the announcement of the game. We can say that the company actually announced a side that we did not expect at all and expanded the Valorant universe in this way. We will be able to see the Valorant agents in different ways in this game, which was published at the League of Legends Spirit Flower event, following the footsteps of the romantic dating genre. The official statement of the company about the game is as follows;

Valorant: Soul Agents will be released for PC in 2021.

Romance dating simulator Valorant: Agents of the Heart announced

Valorant: Agents of the HeartIt will be Riot Games’ first game in the romantic dating simulator genre. This game follows the path of content that aired at the League of Legends Soul Flower event, winking at the romantic dating genre and excited fans around the world. In Agents of Hearts, players will take on the role of a new candidate trained to become a VALORANT agent. Players will try to forge meaningful relationships with Valorant agents as they stumble upon the bumpy roads of spy training. To do this, collect different items, go on dates together, and even save the world when necessary. will be required.

“ We were looking for new ways to expand and explore the VALORANT universe even before the game came out. So everything made perfect sense when we found ourselves in the romantic dating simulator. Whether it’s a tactical shooter or a romantic dating simulator, everyone has this, ” said Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of VALORANT. We think you can find something of yourself in the game and enjoy getting to know the VALORANT agents closely. ”

Romance dating simulator Valorant: Agents of the Heart announced

Underlining that Volunteer Agents allow us to bring our emotions and human relationships to the forefront, VALORANT and VALORANT: Joe Killeen, the story writer of the Agents of the Heart, made the following evaluations on the subject: “Our agents are individuals who are bloody and trying to express themselves. we will be able to get to know them closely, without their uniforms and away from their weapons. “

VALORANT and VALORANT: Game Director of Hearts Agents Joe Ziegler; “It’s kind of funny actually. At first we wanted to develop Agents of Hearts as a mod of VALORANT, but then it became a project in its own right. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but at one point he said, ‘We thought it would be much better if this was a separate game.’

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