Riot Games announces its innovations in the field of eSports

At the “Riot Games Esports Press Presentation” event, Riot Games leaders answered the curious questions while announcing the innovations for the first time.

Riot Games Global Esports Leader John Needham, Wild Rift Esports Product Manager Leo Faria and Riot Games Senior Esports Manager Whalen Rozelle announced the exciting innovations of Riot Games in the field of esports at the event. Riot Games Global Esports Leader John Needham stated that they have conducted extensive global analysis and research regarding the selection of Iceland as the location for MSI 2021, and that they have chosen Reykjavik carefully, taking into account its COVID management and protocols, operational efficiency and travel logistics.

Riot Games’ goals in League of Legends and new esports

Adding that Iceland’s fascinating nature creates a great environment for both League of Legends and VALORANT, Needham also regarding Riot Games’ new esports, ” All our esports so far have grown enormously and have received great support from fans. League of Legends Esports has drawn a great roadmap for us with the success it has achieved in the past 10 years. A great deal to show and esports where our fans can be proud to be a part of our world-renowned sponsors and professional teams. our investment We believe it is necessary. ”

Wild Rift Esports will build on the League of Legends ecosystem

Wild Rift’s Esports Product Manager Leo Faria said that they were happy to hold the first tournaments in Southeast Asia and other regions, and the success of the first official matches led by the region during the SEA Icon Series Pre-Season was exciting. Speaking about the tournaments that will start in June, Faria stated that to crown the start of the 2021 Esports Season, regional Wild Rift Esports teams will participate in the qualifiers of the first global tournaments, and although the details are not yet clear, they are planning to hold the Riot global Wild Rift Esports event in the fourth quarter of this year.

Riot Games announces its innovations in the field of eSports

In the interview, which included questions from the press, Faria reiterated that they will start regional tournaments for the Wild Rift from June, they are working on the calendar of events and are looking forward to developing the professional scene. Their expectations for Wild Rift are: “We want to create a standardized viewer experience that is accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Mobile games will make the future of esports different and accelerate. By building on the League of Legends ecosystem, Wild Rift Esports will be a sport that we hope will satisfy both new and existing fans of the Riot Games universe. ”

The next Masters will take place in Berlin!

In his statements for TFT, Riot’s Senior Esports Manager Whalen Rozelle stated that they are determined to develop TFT Esports all over the world. Saying that the next global TFT championship will be a live event to take place in China, Rozelle added that TFT players will travel to the region to compete over LAN in October this year.

Regarding VALORANT, Rozelle stated that more than 2000 teams from all over the world participated in the elimination events for VCT, and thanked the Design Team, which worked diligently to design the VALORANT Masters cup in a way that befits the VALORANT universe.

Making important statements about the next Masters tournament, Rozelle said that 16 teams will participate in the tournament to better represent all regions, the event will take place in Berlin and the team that wins the Masters Berlin will automatically qualify for VALORANT Champions.

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