Returnal enemy types introduced in new gameplay video

Returnal enemy types were introduced with the new trailer. Enemies are also very threatening in the production that will challenge us with its fast wars and brutal world.

PlayStation 5 will be released as a special game Returnal The enemy types were also introduced in a new gameplay video that was released. The enemies diversity of the new game, which is said to be a difficult experience with its fast combat mechanics and threatening world, also looks very good. There is also a set of moves that seem to allow us to develop different strategies for all these enemies. If you pay attention to the movements of our character Selene, you can see that she has a wide variety of mechanics.

Returnal enemy types shown

It seems that it will be both a very diverse and very challenging game in terms of returnal enemy types. As you can see in the video, all enemies on our environment and character While they have different effects, their fighting style is also quite different. With the fast nature of the game, it makes it clear that he is trying to kill you completely. Also, the animations and visual designs of the enemies look really nice.

The names of the enemies shown are as follows:

  • Mycomorph
  • Titanops
  • Automaton
  • Gorgolith
  • Ixion
  • Infected Scout

The countdown has begun for the game, whose production has also been completed. The release date of the PlayStation 5 will be released as a special game on April 30, 2021.The production, which is about the forced landing of Selene, a member of a space research association called Astra, on a shape-changing planet will be a very difficult game as the developer emphasizes. While battles are fierce and swift in the hostile world that constantly threatens the player, the character will have to resume his journey every time he dies.

Returnal enemy types introduced in new gameplay video

The number and location of enemies in your path will change each time you respawn. This will force the players to take more careful steps. You can also state your opinions in the comments section.

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